Testing Testing Testing...........

It will never end.  Out of the kiln full of tests here are few of the results.

Geo. Wheeler Alkaline..... it's ok on stoneware.

Wrights Waterblue on porcelain.... great!

JG waterblue....... settles too much. 

Old chun crackle..... nice but feels like sandpaper. 
Might fool around with this one.

This is the first transparent matt I have tried .... it's ok and will play with it a bit more.
Has a nice crackle to it and could be interesting with brushwork.

M. Bailey crystal glaze 

faux ash is back on stoneware.

tenmoku gold is always a good standby.  
transparent with a leaf green stain is pretty nice and going for it.
on porcelain of course......

M. Bailey with heather splashed

Tenmoku Gold with chome oxide decoration.
Not what I expected but interesting for sure!  

and the current work of weaving.......


  1. Nice tests, Sandy. Love that temmoku gold -- I use it a lot; just tonight layered it over a few different glazes to see what I get. I'll know on Sunday.

  2. Thanks Sue! Now to see if I can get one or two on large round pots.....
    Good luck with your test!