Monday, November 2, 2009

The weeks are ticking away ......


Many, many pots have been delivered, old friends have re-surfaced, the clocks have fallen back, the leaves have fallen down, the world series is almost over and the wheel keeps turning! Feels like I have been in a fog for the last three years. The fog has lifted! While cruising Craigslist a couple weeks ago a kayak popped up for $495. Hmmmm, just lost my job, need clay, business cards, show fees, kid in college, and and and..... I bought it. Best thing I ever did!

After a couple days of paddling to shake the comatose state I have been living in, I am elated to be back in the saddle again.
Blew the dust off the fishing rods, scrounged up a couple Rapala's and lashed everything to the kayak yesterday morning; 45 degrees, white caps on Lake Erie and I was headed out for a paddle and to drop a line in. Three hours later my hands were frozen but not even a stiff wind could have blown the smile off my face. Didn't catch anything, froze to death sitting in a bit of water but........ best day in quite awhile.

The other plus side of the kayak purchase. After the second time paddling my arms and shoulders felt nuclear! Went to the studio to slam out the customary mugs, serving dishes, cookie plates for this time of the year and instead wedged out 22# of clay. Not one but three! Go big or go home! So I did, I went for it......

The other part of the this adventure has been awe inspiring. I was excited to come from the lake and get into the studio. Not trudge from the coffee pot to the studio thinking about what I was going to make. After a good paddle, the brain is firing on
all cylinders and studio is great place to be. New ideas fire off while paddling, problems in studio are worked out on the water,
not sitting there banging my head on the wedging table.

Today Rachael left for her second flying lesson. She loves it! The phone rings when she lands and the excitement in her voice is palpable. Mom, the sky was so blue today and we were up over an hour; I got to take off today!
On the other end of the phone I am just as excited because I have just learned how to print out envelopes with my logo!
It's all relative!

How can I be this old and not have figured this stuff out yet? Good God 60 is closer than 50 and I am on a huge learning curve!
Makes me think I will be throwing pots for a very long time............
So have a cup of coffee, out of a handmade mug, relax and make pots........

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  1. What a great post--even inspires me to be in the studio where I belong. Not ready for the kayak though! Gay