Monday, June 14, 2010

Recap of the last few weeks.

We should all be more like the dog!  Just happy for a good day!

Since last blogging I have logged 1,645 miles, knitted two scarves, weeded a few gardens, sold a few pots at farmers markets, sold a lot of pots in Louisville, KY, packed and unpacked more times than I care to count, break down the dinnerware show in Cleveland and watched my gardens grow in hot, humid Ohio weather, especially the weeds.  This is more August exhaustion setting in, than early June, make me wonder what August holds. 

Feeling like I have run a gauntlet over the last few weeks I am ready to get my gardens weeded and big pots ready for Chicago.  Looking forward to time in the studio and redesigning my booth. 

First report on the gardens!  Wow!  What a spectacular year for roses! 

Last year the roses were great but this year they are amazing!  The icebergs have perfumed the backyard and the colors are just beautiful.  There is an old rose guy I listened too who said; "roses would rather drink than eat."  After so much rain this year I have to say he was right.  Other flowers blooming in the garden; scabiosa, japanese iris, lychnis, astilbes, yarrow (achillea, coronation), aruncus (dwarf and large), asclepias (soul mate & tuberosa).  The baptisia has come and gone along with the poppies and comfrey.

fairy roses mixed with the leucanthemum

Japanese Iris

Asclepias; soul mate

Scabiosa;  butterfly blue


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