Monday, September 13, 2010

Ahhh, peace in the studio.......

After my War and Peace blog on Indiana and feeling like someone else was driving the bus, I spent Sunday in the studio throwing bowls and listening to Etta James, Ella,  Boz Scaggs and Bobby Cauldwell; life gently returns to normal.   I have not been in the studio to sit down and actually throw pots since I left for Chicago.
I strive to have balance in my life and this seems to be a HUGE learning curve for me.  In my years on the planet I have tried everything; including fire walking. ( lost too many garden tools raking out the coals so I gave that up.)  I see people who stroll through life perfectly coiffed and stain free, never breaking a sweat as they cross the finish line.  I am convinced there isn't a yogi or holy man on the planet who is a working mother or has a dog. I am stained, frazzled and sweating profusely.

My neighbor stopped by a few days ago to discuss the upcoming block party when my dog dropped his 5 lb doggie toy on her foot.  She laughed, picked up the icky toy and tossed it to him.  He danced around the small room and promptly rolled it under the couch.  I sat in horror as I watched my neighbor dropped to her knees to retrieve the toy.  Abby and I jumped to our feet, I blew coffee out my nose while flailing my arms about and choking, NOOOOOOOO!!!  Never retrieve anything from under any piece of furniture in my house!  God only knows what you will come out with; one hairy sock, a mummified Dorito, a leadless pencil, expired coupons...... oh and look a quarter from 1966!  Jackpot!

I drove home from Chicago thinking my life had changed.  It had, for 4 days, exactly.  In the after glow of Chicago I completely forgot I had committed to making 150 bowls for a Peace Corp fundraiser, due Nov. 1st.  Then an order came in for 29 chili bowls due in two weeks.  These are things that are near and dear to me so I said, Yes and was happy to do it for $5 a bowl.  How does one go from selling $400 dollar pots to $5 bowls?  I have skid marks on my face!  But as imbalanced as all this sounds there is great peace and yes, balance in the studio.  I am throwing, I am happy and I'm gonna cross the finish line sweating & pretty dirty .......... life couldn't be better.

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  1. I cannot help on the balance department, you know I do have very similar problems there, but I could do something for the question on the 400/5$....but I won't put in write...I'll talk only over a coffee
    vis a vis


    You were right Sandy reading your blog is fun, even if it is sweaty