Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Potter's Lunch Box.............

What would a potter take to work?  I remember my Dad carrying a metal lunch box and thermos to work everyday.  It was silver and held a big lunch, he worked hard,  He attached a makeshift handle to the thermos and out the door he went, five or six days a week.  
It made me think what would I take to the studio everyday?  
This is what I end up with......... 

For those really hungry cold weather days.  A bowl of soup, a salad, room for oyster crackers and of course a bowl of peach cobbler.  A spot of tea to finish off a lovely mid day break.
The Hungry Potter Lunch stands 16" tall and 7" wide.

For those quick lunches; one bowl and tea.
The Light Lunch stands 9.5" tall and 7" wide.

Kind of Hungry Potter's Lunch.
The interior is glazed in yummy burgundy.
A bowl of stew, salad, dessert and cup tea.
12" tall x 6" wide

The Lean Potter's Lunch.
A bowl of rice and beans, dessert and two cups of tea.
The interior is glaze in pale lemon yellow.

I love these so much now I am thinking they would make great party pots.  Replacing the tea jug and cup with lid.  I don't do much functional work anymore but this is a great study of stack-ables.


  1. This is functional and sculpture in one.

  2. Sandy - I love these! What a fantastic and BEAUTIFUL idea! They are truly wonderful....

  3. Thanks! (heard you rock'd the other night :)

  4. I heard that too! I was glad to hear so much positive feedback because at the end I had not impressed myself! You are your own worst critic, right?