Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I need a roadie.........

Time to head out one more time.  
This time off to the Craft + Design Show in Richmond, VA. 

Hey I made the postcard!  Very cool and a big thank you!! 

The trailer has been packed and unpacked too many time this month; I hate double touching anything, including pots!  
Kilns have been loaded and unloaded thus keeping the studio toasty warm.
I had high hopes of throwing many more pots during this 10 day down time but it did not happen; the greenware shelves are almost bare.
I have managed to weave three more pots and get handles on several more in my panicked attempt to replace inventory from the Rochester Show.  My weaving table is so full pots are stacked on the floor.   
Again under estimating my time to weave.  I thought I would have twice as many pots woven by the time I would be loading again.  How does this happen? 

On the return trip from every show I forget I need a down day to herd paperwork, tax info and go grocery shopping. 
A day to cook and fill the fridge again.  
You know this food thing is all a scam.  I hunt, gather, prepare food, store my nuts in the 
fridge and in a day or so it's gone.  
I can choose to embrace the scam or run screaming from the kitchen.  Must 
say I do miss it when it's so long I have to blow the dust off my cast iron frying pan.  
And I am a confessed "foodie" 

Oh and I just finished the best book!  
"My Third Husband Will be a Dog" by Linda Scottoline
for those who need a good laugh this is a great book. 
This also eliminates the need for me to ever write a book as Lisa and I have apparently been living in a parallel universe.  

Of coarse lake effect snow is on the way;  yes I am taking this personally as it will arrive the minute I put the key in the ignition and pull out of the driveway.  An 8 hour plus drive and over the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.  I really need a roadie......... 

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