Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Psycho Summer.......

After several emails asking if I was still alive I thought I better get on the blog and do a catch up!  There is no easy way to recap the past weeks but I will try to do so in a timeline sort of fashion.

First Egg !  Go Chickens!!  
Learned to eat rooster, he was delicious.

smashed truck (both sides, the squeeze I believe it's called)
Daughter #2...... steep learning curve in life.

The Pirate broke his hand sailing....arrrrhhhh matey!
So much for mowing the lawn ...... 

the old girl got a facelift!

Attended the Mother Earth News Fair!
Who knew Top bar bees would be so popular?

The gardens rolled along and paid off big!  
Freezer is full of tomatoes, strawberries and peaches.
The basement is brimming with pickles, beets and jams.
The wood is stacked and chimneys cleaned.
This morning I am off to pick up the pig.

New glazes have been tested.

Although one show was cancelled due to truck repair the rest of the shows were attended.  I managed to run up and down Route 71 more times than I care to talk about and ACE in Evanston, IL is none the worse for my presence.  

On an exciting note;  The Cleveland Museum of Art's Gallery Store will be carrying my pots when they open there doors in a few days.  

All this time on the road, in the garden, standing over bubbling pots and firing kilns have left me with pondering thoughts......... There will be changes in Paine Falls, many changes.   

The seasons are changing and so is the view from window....... 


  1. Looks like you are way too busy to work a job with a regular paycheck. Congrats on the Cleveland Museum shop gig. So, why did you eat your rooster? And what's this about picking up a pig...?

  2. Hey there JHH and Art! Thanks!

    The rooster was illegal in our city. Called the guy I bought him from when he was but a chick and he offered to show me how to process chickens. Well since I eat chicken I thought this would be a good way to take responsibility for what I eat. All in all it was a very good experience and glad I did it. Also the hens are less traumatized and egg production went up. All in all the hen house is a more peaceful place, the girls are happy!
    I ordered a happy woodland frolicking pig last spring. Told my farmer friend I wanted this pig to have 5 bad minutes in his life. I hate the feed lots and agribusiness operations. We thank the pig and the local farmer.

  3. Oh! And since the rooster is gone we got invited back to the block party :)

  4. Wondering where you have been and what you are up to. may be doing a winter road trip your way. Hope we can visit while seeing Matt's brother. I am in France on a residency.
    Raku and sawdust horse hair firings this weekend with ze French. it has been an experience. maybe too short but seems like a time time.
    Will post pices when I get onto a laptop. Not too literate with my iPad.