Friday, September 27, 2013

Early mornings and farm tours.........

I LOVE fall mornings in Ohio!  
They are a good kind of chilly, making you wrap your cold stiff fingers around a mug of steamy hot coffee and dig out the Woolrich socks stuffed in the back of a drawer, past the summer worn thin tee shirts.  Watching the steam rise from my mug and magical mist dance up from the cold garden soil, seems we both wake a bit slower this time of the year.   As I listen to a pot of split soup bubbling on the stove, I am grateful to settle back into rhythm of life.

As the dew burned off the cold morning I drove out to Birdsong Farm an hour south.
Sponsored by:  OEFFA or the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Asso.

Birdsong is a 10 acre certified organic farm, owned by Matt Herbruck.  Nice to see what others are doing at the grand scale as opposed to my little half acre.  There were ideas and practices I can use on small plot.

On the way home a stop at local butcher shop with squeaky wood floors and homemade sausages.
Finally home to split pea soup and a town hall meeting.  
Long day but nice to take a day on the back roads. 
a good day all around....... 

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