Saturday, September 20, 2014

We did it!

What a night…… 
I grabbed the camera and snapped a few images before I got busy catching up with so many friends!! 
Meeting new friends, (finally met Alan Kradlak and he's a neighbor now:), selling pots and spending 6 hours tweaking (not twerking).  There were so many surprises during the night and it was all grand and fun!  We closed at 9 pm, but we lingered, noshed and chatted; finally around 9:30 pm the last price sticker got on the last pot.  Gosh, I had a lot of pots for this opening….. 

Exchanging stories of what we have been up to this year and all I can say ……. it has been a challenging year for so many of us.  One friend summed it up;  2014 has just been weird.  

Couldn't have done this gallery thing without him….. glad he got off the boat and got a beer! 

Around 10 p.m. we turned the lights out, dragged the cooler of leftover beer and water down the two flights of stairs, I now know by heart and felt so good to know …… we made it!  The door is open and I have a place to go every Friday for the next year!  

I don't need to pack down, move tons of stuff, load the trailer and drive 12 hours home.  I turned off the lights, blew out the candles and drove 40 minutes home…… to a cranky cat who was really ticked off that he wasn't in the house sleeping.  

This morning I slept in until 7:30 am, Butch let the chickens out and I am headed to the beach for good walk (ok hobble) and recharge.  This is the first time in ages I feel like I can get back to the rhythm of my life, phew!  It's time to have a meal together, nurture, breath, catch up and renew our creative spirits! 

So many thanks to all who came out, had a drink and supported the local potter!  


  1. Smiles! I'm glad you found pottery home!

  2. Thanks Mary Lou….. I'm still pinching myself :)

  3. What an awesome space, Sandy! Enjoy your new found freedom and here's to many future sales!

  4. Wish we could've been there - the place looks great & can't wait to see it! Congratulations on your first studio!!!*^$#;&(:#@@

  5. uh....... didn't you just have a knee operation?!?!?!?
    Where DO you buy the superhuman juice, I need me some of it!
    I think you might have figured out the perfect situation for an artist, now if we could all just open up a sweet little gallery like this one, life would be alrighty for us artists! So happy for you, certainly did earn this with your road warrior status! Its like you finally got the golden ticket :)

  6. Sandy, It was so nice to finally meet you and your husband. Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your last minute preparations. I hope you had a great night.
    Anyone reading this comments section needs to put Third Friday on their calendars. Sandy's new space is BEAUTIFUL. It is a must see gallery. Having such a large volume of her amazing work in one place is a definite treat.

  7. What a gorgeous space! Glad to hear your opening was a success.

  8. Hi All! Yesterday was rest and recovery day!

    Thanks for the uber support and kind words :)

    Hey Kim! Cleveland is rock'n! Next time you two are up here will give you the tour!

    Tracey, Ha! The juice ran out yesterday! Crashed and burned, Butch even had to let the chickens out in the morning :) Ask me in 6 months if it's the golden ticket….. you know how this gallery thing goes! For now really happy!!

    Allen, thinking hard on that gelato business! 2nd floor is pottery central now :)
    See ya Friday!

    Hi Miche'le! Thanks so much!!

  9. Eeeck! Brenda! Thanks!! I have new keys on my key ring…….. is that freedom? New waders and a fishing lic. is freedom :)

  10. Great looking space. Congratulations!

  11. By the way, I want to know what the framed artwork is. I can't really see it in the photos.

  12. Hey Melissa! Thanks!

    The framed pieces are mixed media of small ceramic tiles and weaving and other stuff I had stuffed in my pockets over the years.
    Going down on Friday and will try to remember to take images and post!

  13. The gallery is beautiful! Nice meeting you tonight!

  14. Hi Martha! Great meet up last night! And we never got around to corgis…….