Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Still alive!! sort of…….

Over the last few months it's been a little nuts and then there is that thing called winter.  Winter just takes time, lots of time.  Hauling wood, putting on 10 layers of clothes, warming the truck and just getting around……. and that shoveling thing, over it!  Just digging out the chickens was an Olympic event this year.  Hibernation rocks! 

So here are the "Cliff's Notes" of late.  

First off ….. the taxes are done!  #1 reason to keep this blog up to date, to keep track of myself….. apparently I need a leash.  During the three day pencil sharpening and eraser blitz I found myself referring to the blog several times trying to figure out why I had road tolls to the East Coast twice in a week….. 2014 was that kind of year! 

My job as Ceramic Tech, is rocking my world.  Love it, nuff said.   
I have fallen down the rabbit hole of glaze testing, re-calculating and testing again.  
I did have a panic attack when they moved a desk in and told me to use it.  
I use it to store my lunch and coat. 

This counter is where I spend most of my time. 
See all those glaze tests…..  It's been a challenge as we use brown stoneware.  For so many years I have predominately used white stoneware and porcelain in my personal studio.  Gear shift and there was a bit of gear grinding! 

 mix 7500 grams and put the new glazes to work….. 
did I mention we keep 38 glazes on the rack? 

Soooo this job is why this blog has been languishing the past few months.  I never dreamed a little 25 hours a week job would be so demanding.  And then there is that gallery I opened, which is why I got the job to pay the rent at the gallery, and then one has to make pots to fill the gallery.  Right now I pretty much eat, sleep and dream about ceramics.  But garden season is here so I need to squeeze out another few hours each week.  Arghhh!  And the river is running and so are the steelhead and I have to squeeze in time to get a line wet.  Blog?  

And then I decided I needed to do the 100 mug challenge…..

And then I needed to go to NCECA in Providence ….. 

and it rained every day…… but it was so worth going! 

And then I got two pots into the Best of Ohio, opening in May.  
If you're in Columbus, check it out! 

And then I got in to "All Things Considered" at A Grand Hand in Minn. 
and then traveling to the Fruitlands Gallery at Harvard….. and that is the only way I will ever get to Harvard! 

And then I was asked to demonstrate carving at Touchstone for the big Throwdown weekend….. 
ok I am really excited about this! 

And then the dishwasher broke and I really didn't mind washing dishes for 4 months because my hands loved the warm dish water instead of a cold glaze bucket.  But then Butch flipped out and ordered a dishwasher online!  Just looked at picture on website and whipped out his credit card.  And then it appeared…. and I'm really on the fence over this thing. 

and then my diet changed ….. who needs a dishwasher? 

and I will try to do better keeping this blog up to date with the day to day drivel of my fantastic life or maybe cone 6 glazes and clay….. 

and did I mention the Christmas decorations are still up…… 


  1. Ha! I remember the days when Christmas was still hanging around by the time Spring arrived. Figured you were keeping busy and that's why we haven't heard from you in awhile. Glad to hear it's all good, tho' ... And congrats on all the shows!

  2. I just took the wealth and the greenery off my front door. I'm with you, i love my new job, but it sure is hard to fit in al the other stuff. i used to have lunch frequently with my friends, now its like.... what friends?
    Glad you are still hanging around the blog, missed you. Figured you were in an ice cave somewhere :)

  3. Good to hear from you! Your life may be crazy busy, but you sound extremely happy.

  4. OMG!! you guys are still here!!
    Brenda, those decorations might just say up until next Christmas so I can feel like I am finally ahead!

    Tracey! It's trying so hard to be Spring to here but not quite there…… so ready!! Chickens are beyond ready but the girls are laying!! I love the way money mysteriously shows up in my checking account too :)

    Michele! I am happy and think I need to blog about things I hear kids say in class…… yesterdays quote of the day: "I can't possibly throw in leather pants!" When was the last time you said that?!

    Ok and I love following you guys on Instagram!!

  5. Your silence spoke of a very busy lady. I'm so glad all is going so well, and you're having so much fun! I miss my lessons, but am pleased you're doing so well. If you leave those decorations up a couple more months you won't have to take them down, :D. I am so glad to hear of your adventures, accolades, and endeavors. Hugs and take care!

  6. Have missed your blogs, but I am guilty of not posting much lately. I'm not busy like you. Just lacking inspiration. Getting out to walk will help me shake off the cobwebs.