Monday, July 18, 2016

Suck it Buttercup........

Good Monday Morning blogosphere!  If you're reading this, high five as we have survived another week of the "corn sweats"!  Not my words, but the new scientific term for the summer heat and humidity bubble hovering over the Midwest, also known as the corn belt.  I can't wait for the rust sweats or the bible sweats but even better the snow sweats!  Several times last week when it clouded over, I thought it was spritzing in this dryer than dry Ohio summer and I got overly excited as I stared skyward looking for that gray rain cloud; DO IT, I YELLED!  And I felt a sprinkle on my arm and noticed droplets on my tee shirt...... Imagine my horror, realizing it was me doing the sprinkling and not from anything on high.  The clouds are just spit'n cotton this summer and the new color pallet is scorched earth brown. Yup, there are wiener dogs exploding in the parking lot.  

I spent the week hiding in my air-conditioned car driving around several states delivering pots and picking up supplies.  Sold the Trimline Canopy too! 

Bought new running shoes. Pretty flashy but I look down and they make me laugh.  

Cleaned out my desk in front of a fan.  Yeah, there's a party.

 Whipped the gallery into shape for the gazillion-th time.

  Fell down the rabbit hole of website hosting, pay as you go cell phone plans, digital photography and technology hell.  I made it to the studio to shove rubbermaid totes in the attic but when I pulled the stairs down to the studio attic the hot air melted my face, my underpants caught on fire and I had a flashback to stacking hay in the high lofts of 4 barns on 90 degree days.  Nope, those rubbermaid can sit there until Fall arrives!  Last week was a Suck It Up Buttercup every damn day....... well except Friday!  

It was Third Friday already!!  It was a great night with Ikuko Miklowski featured as the visiting artist!  Her work is just stunning and I was so happy she said; Yes!  
 Ikuko's work honors the front window of the gallery this month!    

 The rest of the gallery was on point too!

And through all these dramas in the last 7 months there are times when you get to the end of the day and you're still really happy you're a potter.  You didn't grow up to be president, or save a country..... hell there are days I can't even save myself but I get to the end of the week and slide those clay speckled shoes off and see the dust rise from your old jeans as you slide them off to jump in the shower, washing the dust of the day off your very own self and you know it's been a good day.  There are more of those days than the days I walk away and slam the door.  And we are a tribe, this group of potters I have met over the 30 years of slinging clay.  And sometimes we don't get to see each other very often but when we do it's just great and the years and dust fall away.  So last Friday when this box showed up on my front steps and I had a moment of panic not remembering ordering anything but realizing in the past month I probably could have.  I slowly opened the box and started smiling and got a bit choked up when this beautiful Brandon Phillips jar
stared back at me and knew one of the tribe was somewhere in her studio throwing pots and smiling at her diabolical act of kindness.  


Heidi you're just the best!  And by the way, Heidi makes some pretty great pots and you can see her work here:

and in other news of the family stuff:  32 years ago at 5:37 am, as the sun rose above the horizon on Lake Erie, a flower bloomed from my lady garden,  Happy Birthday Rachael!  Figured you just blew your morning coffee out nose! Love you! 

Tomorrows installment on the blog...... more home projects with Mom and why did I get married?


  1. Ah yes, technology hell ... as someone who used to work in the world of technology, you'd think it would be the last thing to annoy me but it is the first. Hope you have more success than I did in the world of online sales (I abandoned it) .... it's a lotta work! my advice .... keep your website simple and maintainable .... plug in one of the 3rd part shopping carts for sales (I used Big Cartel) and stick with blogging and FB for your customer communications ... have fun, kiddo! .... don't pull out all your hair ;)

  2. And yes, Potters are the best tribe mates, ever!!

  3. From your lady thing I have read in weeks.
    Suck it summer! We have ac!

  4. Brenda! Thank you! Great advise and wise words I am slowly coming to the same conclusion. I am mystified that what used to be so simple is now mind numbingly difficult! Could it be me? Me getting older? Nahhhhhhhhh I don't think so!

    High five tribal member 😘👍🏻💥

  5. Hey Meredith! Argh AC! We have had two years of cold rainy summers and my window units are buried in an out back shed. I believe I'm going to cave this week, pop the screens and put the window units in. Hmmmm might have to thumbtack sheets up and go trailer park chic 😂👍🏻👊🏻

    Ahhhhhh yes, the fruits of the lady garden 😂😂😂. They love it when I call them that!