Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Just Rolling In It.........

There are days when you walk the earth with toilet paper stuck to your shoe and never know it..... it usually happens right after Thanksgiving because we are waddling around in a food coma.  B. Miller has worked too many hours, I have skid marks on my face from falling asleep at the wheel, potters wheel, Kirby is making crap circles on the lawn ..... because it's his job and he is a professional!  

We had a very different Thanksgiving this year, we volunteered at our local kitchen for and with fellow humans who need a hot meal or just need to eat in the company of other humans.   We walked through the back door of the kitchen and were met with more volunteers than I could count.  In deed, once we got rolling there were more volunteers than folks who showed up for the turkey dinner.  How great is that!?  The cook roasted off 21 turkeys, all donated, everything was donated from the applesauce to the pumpkin pie!  We cleared tables, washed dishes, talked with just about everybody including people who were not so chatty.  I was ready to hit the road about two hours into the dinner and suggested we head out to our slam'n salmon dinner at home.  Nope, B. Miller tossed me the keys and said; go ahead I'm having a great time; I can walk home later.  And I was worried about him!  We stayed to stack chairs, and dishes and get ready for the kitchen to lay out a spread again on Monday at 5 pm.  We were some of the last volunteers to leave.  One of my kids asked if it made us feel better?  Well, we weren't home by ourselves, eating quietly and staring at the dog.  We were with people who truly did enjoy being together, end of story.  The people served also chatted and wished the volunteers  Happy Thanksgiving.  If we were tired of standing on our feet we were invited to sit down and have a meal with the guy who sits on the local corner, with a wagon of his worldly goods and knits a mean hat!  I might end up taking classes from him.  He's a pretty nice guy and he needs more yarn, I can help with that as I am a closet knitter.  Alas after 4 hours, our dinner waited for us at home.

We don't eat like this very often.  
Today is Wednesday and time for $5 sushi at the local Giant Eagle Supermarket!  Woo Hoo bring it on!  And we each get a fortune cookie!  

Friday we got up and went to work ...... again.  We had the Black Friday sale at the gallery.  It was great!  I participated in a barn sale up the road with my pal and garden buddy, Maggie.   Maggie owns and runs Wood Road Salad Farm. (doing that one again this weekend!)   Made it over to Todd Leech and Stephanie Craig's studio sale, chatted and ran into more friends.  Picked up a lovely tea bowl to add to my collection!  Beautiful work!!

Ran down to the gallery and packed up for the Lakeland Show on Monday and Tuesday.  OMG!  I love Lakeland!  It was so great to see old friends, new friends, catch up on lives and new adventures!
Probably could have used one day instead of two but it was great.  The tribe of which I am a satellite, lives!!

The studio is busy and I love that!  Kilns going up and down, one right after the other.  Lots of carving these days.

new combinations discovered .....

Kirby Update

Kirby has discovered geese and leaves.   This guy still delights and stuns me!  
The first big leaf blow down was about 2 weeks ago.  With the wind whistling and leaf devils turning; I rattled his collar and he danced.  Hitting the driveway, littered with crunchy, dead, dry leaves, he turned to go back to the house.  He walked around looking for pavement which seems to be his security blanket and that pavement was no where to be found...... thanks I'll pee on the patio today.  Nope, leaves are fun buddy, let's go!  I hooked him on the leash and off we went.  The leash is also his security blanket, it calms him down.  We found a big pile, I jumped in!  He freaked at the noise!  I tossed leaves on him and buried him.  He exploded and realized it was a game.  I stood back and tried to get pictures.  
He was a whirling furball!  Spinning in circles, popping up, diving in and just playing.  

Another fall activity..... we have huge flocks of geese in the cemetery and he can hear them. He starts pacing in the house or studio and I know it's time to collar up and head outside. I can see the flock and he can smell the flock.  He charges into the middle of the flock and he stands proud as they take to flight.  With his nose in the air, eyes closed, amidst the cacophony, he smiles his big dopey smile as they take off.  He looks to the sky every time..... I wonder if he can feel the wind on his face.  He seems to delight in the sensory overload!  It is a wonder to watch and feel the wind on my face I cannot imagine how it feels on his.  
These are all new things for him and he is thriving.  He's not as clingy some days, he's no longer racing me to the door.  If I pick up my keys he heads to his favorite spot on the carpet in B Miller's office.  I can't imagine my life without this guy. He makes me slow down, play, see the world a little different...... yup, it's a love affair. 

and yet somethings will never change.......  
That bed is still pretty clean..... :) 


  1. Sounds like pretty good weekend. Some friends and I put together a sale for Saturday and I sang for 2 hrs afterwards. It was great but it is now Wednesday and I am still recovering.

  2. Dennis, this aging is not for sissies 😂😂. And December is looking busier! Lots of sleeping in January!! Play well and just remember if it's too loud, you're too old 😊