Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August arrives.......

Not sure where July wandered off too but August is here!

The japanese beetles are waning but not enough to end my rounds with the
jar filled with soapy water twice a day. The roses are a bit chewed but
what a year for roses! They have been stellar this year.

The entire neighborhood is battling ground hogs and just heard a report
of a pair of coyotes down the street. Would like to have the coyotes over
for ground hog dinner! It has been quite a battle.

The sunflowers are blooming with dinner plate size flower heads.
In one growing season they tower over the garden at 15- 18 feet.
When I bought the "Mammoth" seeds, the whole packet fit in the palm
of my hand last May, I laughed and thought....... Yeah sure.
The seed packet was right and sunflowers tower over every growing
thing, casting their guardian shadows,

Sitting on the patio and watching the hummingbirds dart around
the garden in the evening or early morning I sip my coffee
& feel the sense of lazy August days....... it's a time to put your
feet up, bask in the glory of what transpired this season.

Summer has been cool and tomatoes hang meaty on the vine waiting
for heat and humidity. Meanwhile the beans have had a banner year
as have the beets, carrots, swiss chard, lettuce, peas, fennel and peppers.
If and when the heat hits we will be swallowed by the bumper crop of
tomatoes waiting and hanging on the vine. My canning jars are washed
and ready to be filled for winter soups and stews.

August has found me back in the studio and finally out of the kitchen.
Wow have I missed my studio and sticking my hands in clay. The ritual
of cleaning the studio before I can tear open a bag of clay is just the way
it is before I can think about going back to work. As I type I am waiting for
a kiln to cool. Can't wait to pop open the lid in the morning! It has been
six weeks since I converted the studio into a wood shop.
Three days to clean off the sawdust and mop floors but I have reclaimed
the studio again.

August found car sales galore and we traded in the old van for a new
Nissan Versa. The mileage is much better and I look forward to the change.
The dog is having a tough time adjusting to his new ride.

The kitchen has won and I hired a wonderful artist to lay the last of the
tile around the hearth. I am tired of fighting when all I really want to
do is garden and work in the studio...... toss in a bit of kayaking and fishing too
and we can call it a summer to remember.

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