Sunday, August 16, 2009

August the month of ........

Tomato sandwiches, angry bees, quiet still hot mornings and homemade lemonade.......

August is winding down, the gardens look tired after several 90 degree hot days;
I look a bit wilted myself!

There have been family visits, working in the studio, canning pots retrieved from
the basement, ground hog wars waged and the first time to sit with my feet in the

Yes, summer is winding down and I have made my first pilgrimage back to Borders to
look at Mother Earth News, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times & a host of other reading
materials over a cup of hot coffee....... a sure sign things are slowing down.

The geese are gathering in multitudes and there are tinges of reds & yellows on some
of the stressed trees in our area. The Joe Pye weed is high and blooming. The hydragea
(panticulata) is blooming large and creamy white.

The bugs are merciless in this hot humid weather and time in the garden is less than
enjoyable. Zeus had discovered underground bees and the welts to prove it. Is there
anything more terrifying then being chased by bees? We locked ourselves in the studio,
found the bee spray and killed the evil bastards! Too my shock the skunks came under
cover of darkness and ate the nest! Skunks have moved up my list of favorite suburban

I HATE bees.........

The garden yields buckets of beans, squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs,
fennel, peppers, baskets of cucumbers; we are eating very well! I had never planted
onions before but they are now at the top of my list for garden favorites. As a kid I
remember braided onions hanging on sun porch as an onion was needed it was
whacked off with a pair of scissors. The table full of onions starring back at me
one hot August Sunday morning made me think I could duplicate this memory.
Running to the computer and "Googling" ..... How to Braid Onions , 161,000 hits
appeared before my eyes. The only one I understood was a kids page on nature crafts.
Who knew there were small children out in the woods braiding onions! I know the visual
is nuts! But I did it! and I will do it again! I have them hanging and drying in the studio.

Abby and Rachael are finding their way back to the old homestead but just for a quick
stop and then back to adventures of college and the wild west. We make plans for fall
clam bakes, fish frys and just plan fun!

the effervescence of summer's riotous colors fading away to elegant the jewels of fall...........

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