Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Fall!

The studio is buzzing with activity and so are the gardens! Managed to sneek away for a three hour hike at Hogback Ridge
last week. You could smell fall in the air. Lack of rain this summer had put a bit of stress on the ecosystem! Walking
was downright crunchy! Snapped off a few pictures, after loading them on my computer I was amazed at the similarity between pots/glazes and stuff in the woods! Thinking there might be enough to generate a new show with new pots.
Not sure when
this will happen but feel pretty excited about it!

Tomatoes vines are telling me it's over! But I just can't bring myself to yank them out of the ground yet. Temperatures are set to drop next week but for now I am gorging on fresh tomatoes daily. Hoping to eat so many I can't stand them anymore as I will not have time to can as much as I wanted to this year. Yesterday Rachael planted 3 more blackberry bushes in the way
back garden ...... which now looks abandoned. Groundhogs won! Raspberries should go in next week.

The phone and email have been full of gallery opening and last minute show invitations...... I said; Yes, to everything!
Monday night I sat down and put everything down on paper....... YIKES!!
The wheel and kilns are set at warp speed, full steam ahead!
Happy Fall......

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