Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day...... the day to labor.......

A lovely rainy day here in the falls. Stew is bubbling on the stove waiting for
hungry travelers to arrive. The family left for a 3 hour party in Mass.
Somehow a 9 hour drive for a 3 hour party just didn't sound like a good idea.
Butch, Abby and Rachael thought it sounded GREAT. I bid them adieu at 6 am
yesterday morning and then had dinner with my dear friend Bee. We attempted to solve
the problems of the world over turkey burgers, grilled eggplant, fat sliced tomatoes,
new potatoes tossed with sage & rosemary butter, washed down with a wonderful
bottle of champagne. We all need more girl friends!

Saturday Northern Ohio Clay had an opening at a gem of gallery in Vermillion, Ohio.
Artseen Gallery, if you are out in Vermillion stop in and say Hi!. Wonderful gallery!
Very nice gallery owner. Ran into so many, many friends I had not seen in years. So much
fun to catch up and exchange ideas. Everybody was under the same cloud of the
economy. Heard someone say........ Ha! it's been challenging! However, I am grateful
to have sold three pieces.
Lynne caught the three Miller girls all together in one place! This never happens!

The gardens are taking a back seat to potting these days. Currently I am
throwing every day. Have three kilns full and the efforts for my labors
should out by next weekend.
Some ideas tossed around to sell work;

Get my galleries stocked!
Esty account
studio sale the end of October

and always remember to walk the dog........

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