Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Every once in a while

amazing stuff happens..........

I get bored .......... easily.   I have been working on dinnerware for the last month and have to tell ya I'm getting more then a little antsy to get back to my dustables!

Knowing I wanted some new glazes I have started testing.
This new glaze has been sitting on my shelf for 3 months and I just needed to make test tiles.  Yeah right..... I still don't have them made.  The perfect little cup with no handle fit in my test batch of 500 grams.

Both of these glazes are new for me.  Now toss in the brand new spank'n material called Ohio Slip which I have never heard of or worked with until reading the NC clay blog.  I ordered 10 pounds and thought I fool around.  It's mined in the southern farm lands around Cincinnati.

Here is the result of fooling around.  This never happens.  Nine and half times out of ten I end up scraping kiln shelves or just closing the lid in disgust.  Not today.

cone 6 is looking pretty good today.

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