Friday, March 19, 2010

nceca, common sense......

Haven't had time to write since our ripp'n vacation to the south.  In the last two weeks there has been quite a bit tossed in the blender of life.  And yes, it's time for a rant!  And some how so much is all tied together just about the time I hit Frappe'.

1.  Are you going to NCECA?  I don't know.  Leaning toward not going.  It's Spring, look out the window!  Sometime around the end of February I start to feel the frenzy coming.  The seed catalogs show up, the tax stuff shows up and I begin to stir out of full slug hibernation.   Might have been Max, the chipmunk (who lives in the basement) trying to get to Miriam, (who lives in the woodpile).  Max, I want to yell, turn back it's -5 and the snow is up up to my knees. But Max pops above the snow every few feet until he makes to the woodpile.  Miriam must have one sweet nest in the woodpile, thinking little red curtains and fishnets.  Evidently Max made it as yesterday I opened the studio door and there were fresh chipmunks in the driveway, 3 of the little guys.  Fresh, cracked out chippy's jumping all over the driveway.  Since the gestation of chipmunk is 31 days I'm thinking Max went for the fishnets and pheromones.  Miriam is a tramp.  The frenzy of Spring is upon us!  I have orders to fill, glazes to test, spray booth to install, gardens to plant, shrubs to prune and and and..........  NCECA is not on the plan.  Common sense tells me to stay home; do the spring cleaning, fill orders that will pay bills, plant the gardens and go kayaking while taking deep breaths.

2. On our city blog there is hot debate over dress codes in our schools and other things that just have me scratching my head.  I went to Parma High School in the early 70's, there was no dress code.  We had Home Economics.  Mrs Schnerly tried to teach us to sew and cook.  My first year I made a very smart navy blue dress with big red bulls eye polka dots.  I learned to put a zipper in.  Part of our assignment was wearing the dress to school.  My dress; the right side was higher than the left side, the zipper was puckered and diagonal and the hem looked like a picket fence.  I wore it and I was soooooo proud!  I told everyone, Hey I made this.  I sat by myself in the lunch room and thought I looked fantastic!  I wore that dress until the zipper fell out.  I bought fabric at Kreesge's or Woolworth with my own money.  At 13 I had the power, I could sew!  My Mom didn't sew but I had Aunt Pat who even made her own underwear!  (now that's power!)
Then I got to high school, it was the era of hot pants and leather jackets.  I bought them, I wore them to school, I was sent home from to school to change.  My Mom worked and we lived across the street from the high school, no problem.  But then the letter from the principal showed up in the mail.  Mom had a pancake turner or wooden spoon in her holster the day the letter showed up.  My lesson:  red welts never look good with hot pants....... and I was 16!  Mom ranted for a week and then told the German lady next door who ranted too.  Mom was out the door before I left for school but now Mrs Hepler would lean out her window, cigarette dangling from her mouth, clutching her little fox terrier, Tiny and yell; "you look good this morning"  or "go back and put something decent on, you not working the corner today!"  I thought I looked great!  I look back on what we wore to school, considered scandalous at the time.  Last fall I attended a high school football game and I just thank God, Mrs. Hepler isn't around.
Today I thank my lucky stars for jeans and black turtle necks.  The bottom line...... we figured it out.  It was part of our holistic education.  We got a healthy dose of common sense.  I find that sadly lacking today.

Back to Nceca.......... the best argument going for NCECA.  Sandy, you will never see this much ceramic work in one place.  TRUE!  But do I need to see that much ceramic work in one place at one time.  The big draw for me is always the Sante Fe Clay Dinnerworks show.  I have been to six NCECA's now and the Dinnerworks Show is still my favorite........ and the bourbon bottle show in Louisville.  I don't want to see the dead baby "art", I get it, it's alot like my hot pants in high school.  Maybe each art school should employ a Mrs Hepler.  I want to see teapots I can put a tea bag in.  I want to see a thoughtful pots.  I circle back to common sense.  Pots with common sense.
I will miss seeing friends, that is what I will miss most.   Over the years my clay community friends have grown exponentially!

Instead of running off to Philly I am helping a local gallery do our own Dinnerworks show.  Filled with 16 friends from around the country and local, a great gallery owner at Geode Gallery and feel like I am helping support, grow and bring awareness to the local clay community.
Today, off to the studio to finish 14 plates for an order for Whole Foods.........  a very common sense thing to do.

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