Friday, April 9, 2010

Stuff ...... clay, gardens, inspiration....

Easter Sunday I spent the day hooking up the pond for the season.  Paine Falls is open for business.

Walking around the yard I am astounded at the work to be done but then every year  I am astounded, after 25 years you would think I'd get it by now.

Hearing the happy gurgling of the water I worked my way to the roses.  Such a love-hate relationship!  I know what they are going to look like in a few weeks and they will be beautiful ........ if I whack the hell out of them now.  Going through my box of work gloves I pull out a green glove and a pink glove, I am such a fashion-ista of the garden!

Strapping my pruners to my belt I am off to do battle with the roses.  This year I will only need one pint of blood for my annual blood letting.  Worked my way around the house, raking & pruning until the sun set.
Weather has been stunning the past week but this morning it's snowing...... I love Ohio..... in a sick way.

Blowing my body out on Sunday, akin to blowing out the pipes on a 55 chevy I decided to spend the rest of the week firing kilns and filling orders. Deadlines were written on a scrap of paper somewhere on my desk or did I tack them to the wall over my wheel, maybe the bottom of my croc's?

The dinnerware show is approaching, an order for 14 plates is approaching,  I hear Nan Kitchens in the back of head inquiring about her 11" plate,  I have two galleries needing work & I signed up for a farmers market every Wednesday until October.

Having had two shows with almost no sales since January I watched my checking account dwindle.  Half heartedly I started filling out job applications faster than a mother hen herding chicklets in a hail storm!  Response to date........ nothing, nada, zippo.

So I do what I do best......... go to the studio!  When the tough gets going the tough make mugs!

Loaded up my iPod with podcasts from my favorite gardener, Cooperette and make pots.
I LOVE this woman, Emma Cooper and can listen to her all day!  Emma Cooper lives in Oxfordshire, England.  She has a rather magical way of talking about gardens and the wonderful things coming out of the gardens.  I am sure she has a corgi or two running around.
For those who love gardening, check her out!
and she is on facebook!

I walked out to the studio yesterday after a day of Emma and found my drying shelf loaded with jam pots, honey jars, tea jars and all the pots I would expect to find in an english kitchen.

Over the last week there have certainly been a few ups and downs here in Paine Falls.  The taxes are done, the roses are pruned, the porcelain has bloated, the temperature has climbed to 85 degrees F., the temperature has plummeted to below freezing today with snow and life goes on.......... 

but the pond is happily chortling away, the birds are bathing stream side, the daffodils have popped and the bees should making honey to fill the honey pots any day now.....
Life is good! 


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