Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dangers in the studio.........ALERT!

The weather has turned cold and blustery again here in Paine Falls.
Always good, as that is prime studio time.
Too much time in the studio and things happen.
Things that you are so grateful you are alone and the dog can't talk......... to anyone!
Over the years I have had a mute bunny, several dogs....... and squirrels, laughing in the window.

After yesterdays escapade of almost hanging myself with my own ear buds off the iPod, it brought back so many memories of things I have done in the silence of my studio.

Early yesterday morning I loaded the iPod and plugged myself in, preparing to listen to podcasts on gardening & Car Talk all day.

iPod in the back pocket, wire under my shirt, threaded up my back, across my neck and into my ears.  Clay was wedged out, warm water in the crockpot for throwing and away we go.

It was a day of interruptions, phone call after phone call after phone call.  Abby would run to the studio with the phone wave her arms and yell;  MOM, MOM, MOM!  UNPLUG!
Mother's revenge is sweet after many years of yelling; ABBY, ABBY, UNPLUG, DINNER!  Finally in a brilliant move I took out one ear bud, letting it dangle & leaving one ear bud in.  Slapping down a 12 pound ball of clay I punched the pedal to the medal, wedged my elbow into my hip to center the spinning ball of clay and.............  watched my dangling ear bud moosh into the wet spinning clay.  My brain went to slo-mo because immediately I thought uh-oh, this could be bad.  And it was!  By the time my foot slammed the pedal to stop I had iPod wire burns down my neck and an iPod wedgie not even Steve Jobs would know how to fix!

I always turn around to see if anybody saw what just happened and there he is one eye open on his doggie pillow and I think.........

Thank God the dog can't talk!

At a later blog I am sure I will have other recollections of dangers in the studio Mona R. does not cover in Clay Times.......
Like lighting yourself on fire with a heat gun while fast drying pots.........

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  1. Thanks for the note, Sandy. I've been following your wonderful tales on Facebook but now see I've missed part of the story--did not realize you were blogging again.
    Bradford is completing his second year of law school and is taking a year off next year to return to work in Africa. Guess once it gets in your blood your hooked. I see Rachael is in Alaska--from one extreme to the other!
    Cheers, Gay