Thursday, May 6, 2010

The land of the Flibbertigibbit......

Scattered, pulled, spring fever......... set your clock, it happens every year;  Spring has arrived!
Storms blow through, flowers bloom, the woodchuck eats them, the boat goes in the water, husband moves to boat and we are off to the races.....
and I am not running fast enough!

The studio is jam packed with work.  I need to glaze!   The bisque kiln is coming down, the glaze kiln is going up & there are enough pots to fill it again.  Bottom line;  I love making pots!
Today will be filled with mixing test glazes, glazing market pots and wading through my thoughts of great expectations.
And always, more ideas for new pots and things that need to be put into the third dimension and not just the airy fairy recesses of my brain.
The panic of getting top notch gallery work ready for Chicago & building a new booth
while the commitment of working farmers markets 2 days every week until Oct. looms large.

Jumped into the Lake Farmpark Farmers Market this year as my little foray into research & design.  Also allowing my alter ego, Ethel to show up and make pots Sandy would never make!  Besides, Wednesday afternoons hanging out with farmers and double tasking my grocery shopping for the week set me a-twitter!  Then the Geauga Fresh Market called and I jumped into that one too...... what else can one do on a Sat. morning in Ohio but go hang out with the farmers in a parking lot & talk about the weather and how the tomato crop is fairing this year.  
I will buy way too much, stock the freezer and the dog will be eating canned peaches in January!
Then I will blog about how to treat a dog with rectum rockets and save time taking the rugs to the car wash, hanging them on the car mat wall & hitting them with the turbo power washer!

With the thought of fruit dancing in my brain I made carved fruit dishes & fruit sauce pots......

Thoughts of the garden drift in and out;  tomatoes, peppers & squash, OH MY!  Pole beans or bush beans?  Amber glaze or celedon?  Asparagus plates?  How many?

Also caught up in buying Rachael's first car!  Happy to do it but yikes it took too much time!  Three days and counting & one day for cursing the BMV in Ohio.  I guess it will sit in the driveway until October when she retrieves it so for now I open the doors and the dog thinks he is going for a ride.  He loves it and saves gas!

And let's not forget the Dinnerware Show opening next Friday!  Set up is tomorrow!! 
I will be hitting the road around 8:30 am and home for dinner....... 
just in time for the kiln to be dropping......... 

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