Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th .........

July 4th....... the dog loves this holiday!  Doggie downers are in order for the weekend and for me too.  Mojito season is upon us. I cut back the mint and just didn't have the heart to toss it in the compost pile; gardeners whip out those cocktail shakers!  Temps have been brutal and I find myself retreating from the garden post haste.  My diet consists of watermelon, ice cream and lemon water.     

Mulch is wonderful thing in this heat!  The gardens look pretty perky considering no rain and 90 degree heat.  Over the years I have taken a hint from mother nature and planted native species or as close as I could get.  The gardens take less touching, less water and seem to tolerate the weather better than plants from ........ Argentina or China.  

Veggies are gasping and the lettuce has bolted.  Not too worry as the kohlarabi and peas have stepped up to the plate.  
Thought I was having a chipmunk or squirrel problem as I noticed peas disappearing at an alarming rate.  No matter as there was still enough to go around.  

Walked out of the studio last week and found the rare giant pea eating lab, belly crawling around the fence and snacking!

My birthday was stellar as I worked the farmers market on a lovely summer day and Rachael sent home the halibut from Alaska!  Holy Halibut!!
from this ....... to this! 

53# of halibut ready for my culinary talents.  
In return I have sent 5# of Slovenian smokies, a bottle of Jim Beam with two of my favorite wood fired shot glasses and 4 mugs to pass out to the crew who helped wrestle this fish in.
Wish I could be there to help drink the Jim Beam and listen to fish tales around the campfire!
Miss you guys!
Minto made this beautiful cutting board for my kitchen.

Most of the tropical wood is from shipping pallets and old construction projects.

Wood order from left to right:
1. Palm (tropical pallet)
2.  Maple
3.  Ipe'  (Indonesia or S. America)
4.  Paduak (ditto)
5.  Brazil Cherry (pallet wood)
6.  Paduak
7.  black walnut
8.  ??????
9.  Jack Fruit
10.  Maple
11.  Purple Heart

Well campers, the thermometer is registering 88 degrees at 10:30 a.m., humidity is climbing and it's time to go strap on the respirator and mix glazes.  Hoping to fire a kiln by fireworks tonight. 
The dog and I will be under the bed........ 

Happy 4th!!  

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