Sunday, July 18, 2010

yes, it's complicated........

When I set up my Facebook account there was a box marked "relationship"  I checked, "It's complicated".  My email box filled up immediately! 
The onslaught of remarks summed up..... but he is such a nice guy how could you possibly say "It's complicated"? 
However all my friends married over 20 years laughed and said ........ if you've been married 28 years it's always complicated!  I left all remarks unanswered.

The morning started out great!  My "complicated" partner of 28 years went sailing until 1 p.m.  I was in the studio working, the dog was dancing to the Gloria Gaynor; " I Will Survive" and groundhog had found my purple green beans........ life is just so normal some days.
The temperature ramped up to 90 degrees in the shade, with high humidity; my underpants on fire, shirt wringing wet and delusional thoughts swimming in my head after sitting in a studio with a 2200 F. kiln cooling;  I walked out of the studio to find this right about 2:20 pm!

He had just finished mowing the yard in the heat of the day.  I would like to point out he is not fond of mowing so he practices the art of, run mowing.  Mowing is not a race, it's just something that must be done.  He was moving so fast he mowed the tomatoes, the cucumbers, blooming nasturtiums and anything else that crossed the path of the mulching mower.  When I pointed the stubs out to him, he plead ignorance.  What was I thinking?  I left him alone with the mower........... thank goodness the dog was laying splayed on the cool concrete studio floor after his dancing attack or he would have had the mohawk haircut.

So I ask you........ is this attractive? 

Yes, it's complicated.......... and yes, he really is a nice guy! 

  Oh and Happy Birthday Rachael........ this is your Dad.........


  1. 8-) ha hah ha hah!!!!!!

  2. oh sandy. sorry so hot for you, i just returned from steamy minnesota back to the crispish montana morning.
    my husband leif could just as easily be sitting in that chair in his underwear after mowing the vegetables...gotta love it.