Sunday, April 10, 2011

joining the circus and ............

After months of searching craigslist and finally finding a lovely really used 5' x 8' trailer in Pittsburgh for $1200. 
Thought I'd make one last ditch effort to........ "call around".   I drove, I looked, I asked for coupons and maybe a BOGO special, no luck.  I talked to Pat, Bucky and Loopy.  The best I could deal on was a lovely little 5 x 8, right down the road for $1800.  Add tax and plates and it was a big old;  Thanks but no thanks, over budget! 

Then on my way over the river and through the woods to Mother In Laws house, on the south side of the road was a trailer suspended high in the air with a sign;  We Sell Trailers!  Stop in Today! 

So I did.  Walked to the little 5 x 8 trailer sitting on top the open bed landscape trailer and asked;  How much?  "Well Ma'am that would be $1200.  My interest was peaked!  I had been renting UHauls for the last several months was lusting after little trailer of my own.  If pottery bombs it would be great for my gardening business. 
Looked it over, saw the dome light and plunked the cash down, saying I'd be back on Saturday by noon.  Happy Dance in the parking lot! 
This was the last piece of the puzzle for my dog and pony show!  Everything was paid for and I had big plans.

Saturday arrived and I was off to the license bureau.  Sales slip in hand, 10 am in the morning and I stood in line with a ba-zillion other folks who did not want to talk to the ladies who license.  We all stood with papers in one hand; cash, check and pint of blood in the other while we shuffled from one foot to the other glaring at the guy who forgot his SSN card and just couldn't leave the counter without his plates.  There has to be a better way I thought.  And no matter what line you were in it was the wrong line and you were sent to the other line to start the trip over.  Cattle lead to slaughter have better days. 
The woman with 5 kids in sesame street slippers, doling cookies out of her purse and a camel pack of juicey juice, cooing in a language I didn't know.  What a great idea, juicy juicy and vodka.... in a camel pack, couple pieces of beef jerky and qualudes!  License Bureau Survival Kit!  The people watching is huge at the bureau on Sat. mornings and JACKPOT it was driver's testing day!!  The Trooper came through the door a bit disheveled, hair pasted to her head, clipboard shoved under her arm and sunglasses a tilt.  Following close behind a young freckle faced lad crying and bellowing;  Wait, please I can do it this time.... PaLeeezzzzeee Ma'am.  For me it was like a war time flash back to my kids.  The disheveled Trooper slamming her clipboard down on the counter snapped me right back to the never ending line.  I hadn't moved an inch,  more juice please.......

By 11:30 am I had plates in hand, an idea to become the next millionaire and on my way to pick up my TRAILER!  Pulling into the parking lot there it was and it sat waiting.  I hooked up before the owner of the shop could get to the truck.  We shook hands and I was ready to be off.  As I slammed the door I said;  Hey check my lights!  Left turn, no problem, brakes, check, right turn ......... nothing.  Jump out pull the harness apart, spit on it, shove it back together and nothing.  Nuts!  Mr Owner disappears and sends out Paul the master mechanic.  Paul, a sinewy fellow of 104 walked out flipping his zippo lighter and puffing on a ciggy, pulls the harness apart, spits on it and shoves it back together...... nothing.  Goes into the shop brings out electric testers and tool box.  Everything beeps and lights up as it should and Paul scratches his head and starts tearing the light off the trailer.  He runs back and gets a new light; nothing.  He gets another light, nothing.  He rips the other side apart to see if the working light would work, nothing.  I unhook the trailer after an hour and half of trying everything and tell the guys;  call me when you figure this out.  I have stuff to do, like stare at my compost pile heating up. 

2;30 P.M. the phone rang.  Well we got it figured out and I hooked the trailer to my truck and it works great, when can you come out.  How about now!  Off I drove, another 45 minute one way trip.  Pull in, hook it up and test everything, now the right turn signal.......... nothing.  And the owner and Paul explain; Well ain't that the dangest thing ever.  Owner to Paul...... Now what genius?  Paul runs back to the garage and gets that little roller cart to slide under my truck.  Note to self, do not try this on a gravel driveway in deep puddles.  Paul hit a pot hole while on his back and took a header into the brown hole of yuk.  He came up spitting and laughed.  Love this guy!  Got under the truck and pulled out the one month old harness I had just paid big bucks for and put a new one on.  BINGO!  It was after 5 p.m.  For my trouble, which I must point out was my harness and not his trailer, he threw in a spare tire for the trailer.  Love this guy and he will get my business in the future and I will recommend my friends to this guy! 

Pulled into the driveway victorious!  With three hours of daylight left I tore into the yard.  Cleaned the gardens out and prepped the beds for seeds.

It was a good day.  I had stalks of brussel sprouts left and it killed me to put them in the compost pile.
The dog nimbly picked the sprouts off the stalks and gulped them down in one swallow. Wow, did had gas.  Sitting around the fire late into the night watching the stars, he laid behind my lawn chain as I sipped a pint and I thought we might both go up in a puff.  This is the stuff terrorists can only dream about!

I put my sprouts in a bowl and carried them in the house, where they were cleaned, tossed in olive oil, sprinkled with coarse salt crystals, baked in a 400 degree oven for 35 minutes.  YUM!  Caramelized Brussel Sprouts! 
I will be growing these again!

Today it was 84 degrees F. 
33 F. to 84 F. in less than 24 hours. 
My little peas are probably broasted in the ground.  Tonight rain and tomorrow cooler temps......... I eagerly await tiny little sprouts of beets, swiss chard, peas and lettuce. 
Welcome Spring!  You have been missed..........

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