Monday, May 16, 2011

Days of fury.......

Every time I think we should pack up and leave this area we get a rip'n storm.   We have been underwater for the better part of a week now.  Gardening bad, studio time good.  Yesterday the wind shifted to the North East or N'or Easters around here.  
Unusual this time of the year,  N'or Easters are normally fall and winter weather patterns but then it's May and anything goes.   We have had our fair share this year but the power of these storms never ceases to amaze me. 

Butch and I run to the beach and jump out of the car, very much like getting out mid car wash at the Bright and Shine $3 car wash.  I always take the camera but never manage to catch the fury of Lake Erie.  This is as close as I can get.  If you are reading this get a spritz bottle and spray yourself as you read, oh and turn the fan on high.  Sometimes it's a challenge to stand upright.  

So much has gone on since last blogging.  I have applied to a number of jobs; every thing from gardening at a yacht club to professional organizer for a oil painter........ now take a breath and stop laughing!   While interviewing for the professional organizer to another artist I had epiphany.  Listening to the job description the little voice in my head said;  "Hey, if you did half these things for yourself you would not be looking for a job!"  Thank you little voice!  
I politely said;  "Grand, talking with you and I cannot possibly work 3 days a week". (I've been watching too much BBC.)  After hanging up the telly I got out my trusty pad of paper and made a list of what I need to accomplish in the next 30 days.  

I love lists and as I am task oriented it is a rush to cross off  little victories on the master task list of my life.

In the next 30 days.......... (written in purple Sharpie, no wait isn't purple the color of suffering?)

Get the yard whipped into shape and finish the gardens. Mother Nature you must help out on this one! 
Re-vamp the website to actually sell work from a virtual gallery.......... 
Update my self published Blurb book...... 
Write in RED Sharpie Marker on my calendar and forehead;  STUDIO SALE - July 16th and 17th.  
Get new postcards for studio sale. 
Write up press release for studio sale
Get to Louisville, KY and hang out with other fab potters and sell pots on May 20th and 21st
Get to Shaker Hts. and sell pots on June 18th and 19th
Keep making those big woven pots but know your market and make some functional work too! 
Up date website with new dates.  
Enter more gallery shows out of state.
Enter more gallery shows in state.
Whittle ideas down to a few good ones and run with them.  
Eat more bran........

Pumpkin garden lanterns, love these lit at night!

Seem to be on bee kick lately.  The bees are gracing pate' dishes, honey pots, cookie jars and plates.  Working with a new clay has been a bit of a challenge over the past couple weeks and learning not all my glazes will travel to the next clay body.  Forgot to schedule time in studio for screw ups...... 

It's going to be a busy 30 days!  

Hoping the sun shines on every one soon!  The rain has to stop ......... doesn't it?  


  1. Sandy,

    I've been following your website and your blog and I must say your work is gorgeous. I didn't realize we had a star amongst us in Paine Falls!

    Joking aside - your work is beautiful, and I wish there were more outlets for it in town! Do you ever teach? I would love love love to know how to do pottery.

    Good luck with your list - and purple is the color of royalty, wealth, and sophistication, so good choice with the sharpie!!

    I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with your youngest - and look forward to getting to chat with her more in the future about a variety of Painesville political quagmires.

  2. Hi Katie!

    Wow, thanks for visiting blog and website! Paine Falls is rock'n this time of the year; gardens and pottery.

    Haha, heard you and the Ab-i-nator had a good meeting. Our town really needs new ideas and fresh thinking so BRAVO to you both!

    Very excited you are running for council and hope we get a; "Vote for Katie" sign in our front yard!!

    It has been a crazy Spring and was sorry I missed the International Food Festival last weekend. Painesville is moving along but hopefully things will start to pick up.

    Was so sorry to see Art Infusion go out of business last month. Keep thinking the old funeral home next Joughin's would make a great gallery and studio but alas the zoning won't let us live there so for now we are liv'n large on Casement.

    Looking forward to a studio sale this year July 16 & 17th, my first.
    Getting the postcards and press releases ready as I type.

    Enjoy Spring!!