Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Spring!

Spring has finally arrived!  On my walk tonight everything was new spring green and wet..... and we will live!!  I think we are out of the woods although we had a hard frost last week.  The poppies can't be far behind!  Besides the goldfinches have their spring duds on now so it's a sure sign we are on our way to Mojito Season!

Stuff is popping up in the garden and if we get a bit of sun I hold high hopes of eating my very own lettuce in another 2-3 weeks.  The birds have helped themselves to tender pea shoots and I will be replanting.

My arch enemy, Fred the groundhog has made his appearance and this year I will be trying a solar electric fence. (note, alert the neighborhood kids)  Note to self, the neighbor kids are fine but you will be fried by next blog.

Roses have been cut back, soil turned, seeds planted, dead wood pruned and grass cut.  This time of the year there aren't enough hours in the day.

Still taking time to make pots too......... well not taking time, just driven indoors from rain.  The last 30 days it has rained 19, could be Seattle but then I'd have a coffee shop at the corner.

The big decorative pots are fun but boy I sure love making functional pots too!   The bisque kiln has gone up and now cooling.  Glazing should begin tomorrow......... maybe some new Spring glazes are in order!  And a first......... I'm making flower vases.  Memories from my Grandma's, she had these in emerald green glass sitting on a shelf in the basement.  Hoping the small ones will be beautiful with rose buds. 

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