Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting There.......

Last year I was pretty busy building booths and staying in the studio.  Sorry to say the gardens were neglected, big time.  After coming home from Louisville I did a slow walk around the yard and thought where the hell is the gardener?  Called the mulch guy and ordered 26 yards!  That will get the back and and way back done but not the front or the side.  That will take another 8 yards..... kill me.

One does not just spread mulch, one must access the plant material first to see who is getting a side out, rotate.  Every single bed needed a side out rotate!  After plants were pulled, re-planted, watered and told to buck up, the beds are weeded and finally mulched!  It's a process........  I only added 8 new varieties this year.  We will see if they are eaten or decide to thrive, it's a gamble.  The deer, groundhogs and rabbits have shown no mercy!  I planted Agastache, blue fortune and Salvia around the perimeter of the beds and have to say it seems to be working;  both are smelly and not very tasty.  On the inner circle I planted the delectables they love to eat.  OK if this doesn't work, the sniper towers are going up!   

Also managed to get pots delivered this week.  Canisters, plates and fruit bowl will be featured in the YMCA dream house this year.  60,000 people walk through and I can pass out all the business cards I can keep in stock.  Fingers crossed! 

Yesterday I was so busy mulching, I never checked my email.  Yes, the mulch pile buried my trailer I needed for the weekend show, nothing like panic mulching.  At 10:30 p.m. before taking a header into my pillow there was an acceptance letter to the 
47th Annual Craft + Design Show in Richmond, VA.!!!

Maybe I will get to be a potter this year :)  It's in November, now that the gardens are just about a done I can devote more time in the studio and that would be wonderful! 


  1. clay and gardens...need attention every day :-)

  2. I love your gardens! I am terrible in the garden....and fear my house will never look nice.

  3. Morley just mentioned they were interested in hosting a local garden club.
    ahhhhhhh one more meeting.......... think I will stay in the garden :)