Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Outdoor Show for the Summer

Nice to be home after a super long weekend.  There is something about sitting on an asphalt parking lot in 80 degree weather with high humidity and a cloudless day that makes the time move oh so slowly.  
Next year instead of my big water bowl for the dogs I am bringing a baby pool.  This is the one single thing that could make me stop doing outdoor shows.  I find myself yelling out of the booth....... HEY!   THERE IS WATER FOR YOUR DOG!   Yesterday we went through two gallons of water for the poor guys.

As I have not done a local show in years the weekend was so much fun!  As sit here with my morning coffee, moving slow and reviewing the weekend it makes me smile.  Seeing faces I have not seen in years and meeting new artists, made the hot weather go a bit faster.  Everybody who stopped by to say; "Hello" ..... a big THANK YOU!!  

Sales were great on Saturday, slow on Sunday but certainly not flat.  People were so appreciative of the work, many came back several times and asked questions.  Quite a few people were interested in a studio sale....... I hear you loud and clear!  OH and even sold my first wall piece!  

We set up on Friday morning and have to say set up was a breeze!  Very well run!  Going on the record...... the trailer is a pain in the butt and yet I am not sure I could fit my entire booth and inventory in a gigantic van, besides if I traded the truck for a van what would I do when hauling landscaping material.  It was so nice to set up, go home to shower, finish loading a kiln and get a good day of work in the studio.  HUGE benefit of staying local.  The show expense this time was gas!  No hotel or hours on the road, love that!

When I totaled out for the show I grossed less than a big show however since expenses were low I actually came out better!  SHOCKING!  

Yes, it poured at 4:10 p.m, 50 minutes before the show closed.  When the skies finally opened up I was very happy with my heavy duty tinker toy canopy!  No problem with wind or rain!  

Packing up was nuts!  Of course we had already filled out our customary artist survey for the show promoter or I would have added plenty under the comment section.  No trailers were allowed on the property.  Butch sat in line with the trailer for over an hour and still could not get in.  He finally parked in a lot far far away and we carted boxes back to the booth in the rain.   At least we could get the pots and framed work put away.   My neighbors Carl and Kevin decided they wanted to head for home and hand pulled their trailer to their booth!  Too funny ........... well they were just too funny the entire weekend!

All in all the show was great!  Good neighbors, new friends, old friends, good sales and support from the hometown crowd.......... very nice! 

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