Friday, September 16, 2011

Eggplant, the garden gift that keeps on giving...........

They just keep coming.  
I planted three little plants last May and I have picked so many aubergines I have lost count.  
Running from the studio I spied a huge eggplant.  I jumped in to retrieve it and found 8 more and couple of green peppers.  I just picked eggplant a few days ago!  
The temps have turned cool, things were supposed start slowing down, somebody tell the eggplant, please.

Tonight I set up the Egg Plant Parm production line.  
This is also called;   Getting ready for show season.

7 pans ready to be sealed in foil and set in the freezer.

and one for dinner.......

and time to weave pots........ 

been a day here in the falls......

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