Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mrs Miller, WHERE ARE YOU?????


As summer wanes in Paine Falls and the geese flapping over head announce;  "Honey, it's over, we are outta here!"   I know what's coming, no reminders needed, thanks.

Since July I have walked 256 miles (and feel great!), gardened, canned, made pots, laid a patio, cleaned the studio, participated in 2 summer shows, shopped for a "Smart" TV (a later blog), installed glass block windows in the basement and had a block party with some great neighbors.  No time to blog, facebook, tweet or email and sitting has not been on my radar.

Here is a quick run down on the last few months around Paine Falls...........

Vegetable gardens getting their green on.....

Perennial beds getting their pollen on....

The pay off is HUGE!

as the tomatoes piled up on the counter the canning stuff gets dragged out of the basement 
and it begins.......

canning madness........ 

Here is the run down:
Salsa HOT:  11 pints
Salsa Mild: 11 pints
Chili Sauce: 10 pints
Pickle Relish: 10 pints
Catsup: 8 pints
Pickled Beets: 8 pints & 4 quarts
Chutney: 12 - 1/2 pints
Tomatoes 8 pints, 6 quarts
Dilly Beans:  5 quarts & 7 pints
Pickled carrots: 5 pints
Corn relish: 15- 1/2 pints 1 pint
V8 juice: 4 quarts & 5 pints
Applesauce: 6 pints
Peaches:  frozen 1 peck

cost to put all this stuff up:  $48.00 (jar lids and other produce I needed to buy from the local farmer)

the gardener got her jars on! 
In defense of canning and freezing I have to say the time invested for the food put up is worth it. 
It takes about a 2 weeks of non-stop food prep to get a winter's worth of food.  I know what's in it and I know where it came from.  I refer to basement as the vault and feel like it's money in the bank. 
There is high garden satisfaction when I walk down the basement and see the shelves full and boxes filled with potatoes and carrots.  There is happy pig headed to my freezer, keeping the halibut and salmon company Rachael shipped in from Alaska this summer.  
Confessions of an urban homesteader. 

hands down favorite this year; pickled carrots!  

Patio is just about done and knees are holding up... 

block party rave.......

Courtney, always so chic......

Courtney changed ensembles but was embarrassed by the plaid shorts our neighbor wore! 

studio cleaned and continues to stay clean.....

The basement shelves are full, the studio shelves are full, the patio is just about a done, and weaving has commenced.  
It's been quite a summer and now you know where I've been. 
Looking forward to digging potatoes, backyard fall fires, a bowl peach cobbler and show season........ just around the corner.


  1. There you are, thanks mom!!! and i'll have to send you a new picture as i'm no longer in alaska. can't wait to have some pig to keep MY salmon happy too :)

  2. I wish I had a basement to store my "stores" !
    Busy bottling, jamming, making fruit syrups and cheeses, and have just acquired a dehydrator...Fruit Leathers here we come!!

  3. Hi gz!

    I really should not call it a basement as it's more a root cellar with dirt floors but alas it's beneath the house and it does get a work out.

    a dehydrator is on my wish list ....... one of the years!

    thanks for dropping a pebble in the pond :)