Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shows are over........

for now..........   HAPPY DANCE!

Craft Boston was a whirlwind; sales were excellent, the collectors were out and there never seemed to be a lull in the crowd.  The hours are long and I have become very aware, this is a business.  Slowly, one foot in front of the other and there has been movement forward.  While I was in my booth Butch was out exploring Boston.  The weather Gods had smiled on us as the sun was out everyday except the day we unloaded (it poured).  He walked the beaches and much of downtown Boston, he ate seafood and drank copious amounts of fresh brewed coffee.  I worked the show.  Honestly, it was great to see him exploring Boston; map under his arm and good pair of shoes, he was off. 

Setting up in the cyclorama I had my head down unpacking, the wrapping was flying.  Friday morning I walked into my booth and looked up!  The grid above my head was almost identical to the weaving grid on displayed pots.  

The booth finally came together and the doors opened on Thursday night at 6 p.m. and we were off for four days of a wonderful show.  

It was so great to see artists I had run into throughout the year and catch up.  I had not seen Francesca since the ACE show in Evanston, where we were both "emerging artists".  Now she is waiting for Penny for to emerge and WOW is her life going to change, babies just do that.  Friends to eat breakfast with, share war stories and meet new artists who are out in the trenches.  It's a tribe and we wander the countryside ......... a lot!  Where are you going next?  OH GREAT!! I'LL SEE YOU THERE!   Many artists, especially women, work alone.  They unloaded, unpacked, displayed and showed up to the opening looking fantastic!  The women's restroom 30 minutes before the preview party looks like you are backstage at a Broadway Theater event.  Amazing!!    I still have so much to learn! 


It was nice to drive out of Boston headed west into the sun. 
 We drove home in the light of a full moon too.  
No snow this year, it could have been a very different trip!   
May we all find the sun on our face ........

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