Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rain and back in the studio........

A nice rain has finally arrived and the temps have dropped as low as 48 degrees during the night.  Days have been in the 60's and 70's if lucky.  The ups and downs have certainly stressed the garden and noticed a few diseases on beans I have not encountered before but then we have not had a spring like this in many many year.  

The lack luster gardens and rain have moved back to the studio and must say it's great to be there! 

OY, the elephants are back........ it's show season!  

The lettuce and radishes have been fab!  
Radishes are gone and tomatoes are now growing in the space.

The fairy rose is so stunted this year but looks like the rain has done it some good.

Potatoes are having a bumper year!  And the squash is coming along nicely.

Bay Laurels have perfumed the backyard!  Love this tree!

Nice blush coming along on the blueberries.

The girls are quite content in the chalet.

Best clematis has ever looked! 

and this year we have a few pensive frogs who are enjoying hanging out in the pond :) 

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