Friday, June 1, 2012

Warp Speed Scotty!

 June 1st........ really?

Days here have been filled dawn to dusk, mostly filled dragging the hose around trying to keep stuff alive.  Currently, we are in a pocket of the Sahara Desert.  We have watched the rain go North, South, skip over us and listened to the dust devils laugh.  What a Spring!  Hot, Cold, Drought, Wind and nobody is happy is their container, including me!  I'm thinking snow by August.

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain on the roof.  Finally!  I ran out in my very fine nighty, rain coat and neon green crocs to let the girls out.  They bubbled out of the coop and into the rain.  First lesson this morning; chickens do not like rain.  Who knew!  I'm thinking little yellow rain hats for everyone.  They huddled under the coop and I retreated to the house filling my nose with coffee while I watched the rain.  You could hear the ground sucking it in.

Memorial Day we hit 92 degrees and I thought the strawberries might be getting their red on.  I called around to the pick your own places and found most were not opening to the public this year as they had lost 80 - 90% of their crop in the late freeze this year.  My last call went in and they were opening the field at 8 a.m on Thursday morning.  Alert the hounds and set the alarms!

ABBY!  We are picking in the morning and you better be in a good mood!  I piled her in the car by 8:10 am, grabbed our container and off we went.  Arriving in a dust cloud I was horrified to see the parking lot already full!  The strawberry girl pointed to an open row marked with orange flags and off we went.  Abby started at one end and ran to the other end.  We staked out our row and became somewhat territorial.  We ate, we picked, we lobbed funky strawberries at each other, we had a good time!
Picking was pretty easy and we were out in an hour........... with 30 pounds of strawberries.  I came for 10 pounds.
Hmmmm...... I went for 4 chickens, came home with 10.  I went for 10 pounds of berries and came home with 30.  Nip this in the bud now!

Looks like 10 pounds to me! 

What do you mean your scale doesn't work over 20 pounds? 

Spinning straw to gold :) 
Strawberry jam ready for the basement.

Strawberries headed to the freezer.

250 feet of soaker hose down, newspaper over that and a lovely topping of straw! 
Everybody grow! 

The perennial beds have gone waterless but mulch has pulled them through.

Beauty shot! 
Favorite lunch; thinly sliced radishes on homemade bread with a sprinkle of salt. 
On a good day and then spread of raw butter to keep the radishes on the bread.

and I found the studio! 

It was a good day; 30 pounds of strawberries processed, 6 more tomato plants in the ground, vat of granola done, a quart of yogurt made and two pots chip carved.  The bed felt good last night! 

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