Sunday, March 17, 2013

and they're out.......

The original order for two stacked Pho bowls quickly morphed into hyper drive.  I know just shocking!
Something soooooo simple went over the edge and dangled for weeks and still there is tweaking to be done.   This is what goes into design, well at least here in Paine Falls.  Some people are born with the design gene, they know how to put stuff together..... effortlessly.  
Me?  I was born to a salt of the earth woman who reveled with delight when she moved an orange plaid recliner into our living room with painted turquoise walls.  Then the brown, floral, flame retardant  velour, couch, flanked on each side with Danish modern lamps came through the front door, to make the whole package complete she tossed in a wiener dog named, Dortmunder.  I remember the day she stood back and said:  Look at this!  It's Done!  The dog was only thing I liked.  We survived the Early American phase, the 50's cosmic look, the I have kids plastic covered phase and her final phase: it's  big and I can get out of it!  I'm not gonna lie it's been a struggle.  Like Mom I preferring to muddle through set after set after set.  Each set I thought I can make it better, it didn't work with vodka gimlets last summer either but then I don't remember much..... 

I just know there's a group of nomads out there living in hobbit holes, yurts or air stream trailers who really want to eat off handmade dishes but have no room to store them.  Sometime this week I will be making a lovely pine or maple box to store this ensemble in. The box will make it much easier when loading your camel or hybrid and trekking to outer Suburbia.

From two Pho bowls to Pho for two, tea bowls on saucers, saki cups, condiment dish, liner or sandwich plates, napkins and chopsticks.  11.5" high, 8.5" wide.  

the tie down needs tweaking..... velcro anyone? 

The dinner napkins are tucked around the inner bowls, also providing a cushion. 
I hate wiping my face with bubble wrap, don't you? 

 TaDa!........ and there you have it! 

and then I added mugs..... because you need more fluids.  (I'm a Mom!) 

 obsessive carving....... 

the next set, no saucers....... 

 and how about really green, Happy St. Patrick's day! ....... no saucers again.

But this is where it started, two bowls stacked with chop sticks.

 nothing more, nothing less....... 

 and then it started ...... a condiment bowl and shrimp chip plate.  
This is when I should have pulled out...... but I couldn't.

but the design was not working, who in their right mind would want to thread waxed linen through those little holes?   Someone who loves to make things really complicated...... 

There are still other bowls sitting out on in the studio........ I had to stop..... 
off to kiss a Blarney stone and drink a pint....... 


  1. They are all really nice. It's funny how something can just take over and you have to work it out.
    In our house it was how many sets of dishes a person could own. My mother and grandmother loved sets of mother would have been on these quick.

  2. Morning! gosh that learning curve in the studio..... Mom also collected owls...... wish it would have dishes or Hans Coper pots to go with the danish modern lamps :)
    You guys are busy over at your place!

  3. Lovin' the progression of your stacked creations! Any square shapes in the offing yet?

  4. Hi Wendy! Not yet, but never say never ;)

  5. Wow, love the design and stacking idea. Very ingenious.

  6. I love your seamless melding of Simplicity and Holy Crap This Is Complicated. You can't even tell the difference. Lovely.

  7. Welcome Murmurr! Ahhhh, thanks :)

  8. oh what fun to see the transformations. Clever Clever Clever!

  9. And still tweaking! Not done yet :)