Friday, March 15, 2013




This pretty much sums up my days in the studio, in deed everyday..... and life in general. 

Last night I attended an opening at Juma Gallery in Cleveland.  Long overdue and it was great to see a new gallery space and old friends.  It was MMp's birthday, a perfect excuse to go out for dinner and attend an opening.  Good way to start the weekend early.  Been awhile since I have been out in public, if one does not practice social skills they get ....... ummm.... rusty!  I had social tourettes: stuttering and flailing in large groups of people before drinking wine around expensive works of art.  Since the dog is gone and I am holed up most days listening to audio books I lack social skills on every level by the 30th day in solitary.  Honestly I would never come out of the studio or off the compound without dynamite. I keep myself enchantingly entertained over nothing more than sardines, as it was pointed out in the last blog entry.    
I will vow to attend a social gathering at least once a week.....  well until Craft Boston.  

Craft Boston...... the clock is ticking down and I am flinging clay as fast as possible.  Two days ago the phone rang and SAC Boston asked if I would give a 30 minutes power point/lecture.  Me?  Talk about my work?  Stop the train!  Sure!  Hung up the phone after committing to 30 minutes and settled into carving and trimming pots.  As I have blogged out my conflicted thoughts about this pottery thing I do.  My brain spasmed  as to which direction this power point/lecture should take.  About the time my brain was going to flat line, FRAP sprouted up.  Exactly........ and it was better then Carnage Along the Road to Pottery which would have been C.A.R.P...... 

While all these plates are spinning in the air, Michael Kline posted over at his blog Sawdust and Dirt 
a great little contest to keep us working in the studio!  Brilliant!  Of course I popped off an image.  That was yesterday and this is the table today.  Cannot wait to see what others have going in their studios. 
And then too you can pop over to mud colony love those potters in Australia! 

So here is the rundown on the table today...... 

Teapots, teapots, teapots.....

This little guy is my fav!  

and then there is always weaving...... 
(frantic random acts of weaving or FRAW just doesn't work) 

back FRAP'N out in the studio :)  


  1. It's a weekend of fraw and frap for me, with NO ONE home,yippie! I totally lack social skills from being alone so much,but I'm fine with that. I went to see a dance group last week and we were invited to the VIP suite for drinks with the rich folk, I felt like a stray junkyard dog roaming around all the Ann Taylor:)
    You are not alone.....

  2. Nice teapots! I thought of you yesterday as I bought a can of sardines. I do not eat sardines but after reading your sardine story on your blog I thought I must try them. Good luck with your FRAP power point. Craft Boston will need to give you a five minute wind down notice and start playing the music to get you off stage. Have fun!

  3. Tracey, LOL oh probably good we are states apart :) happy frap'n and fraw'n! Love those times alone! Ann who?

  4. Hey Theresa! Ahhhhh thanks :)
    And what kind of sardines did you buy? Were they any good? C'mon inquiring minds need to know!

  5. I bought Van Camp's Sardines in Mustard Sauce and some Smoked Oysters and Smoked Kipper Snacks.
    So far I have eaten the Oysters which I added to some green chili stew. Very yummy! Bruce made the stew from frozen Peppers and Tomatoes from last years garden. I am still working up the nerve to open the sardines!

  6. oh yum on those smoked oysters! We should do a sardine tasting....... hmmmmm what wine goes sardines?