Sunday, May 26, 2013

Free at Last..........

Made a bit of headway last week!  Yeah!  There were so many ends left to twist in the wind I was feeling a bit frayed.  My list was growing and not much was getting crossed off.  
Crossed of this week;  a tree promised to my neighbor who gives us load after load of firewood!  A lovely 12 foot copper beech with a 285 pound root ball, picked up, planted and crossed off the list! 
Teapot exchange for California that's been dangling for months, crossed off the list! 
The Nomadic Dinnerware Set, done, along with the three sets for a customer. 
I have so much extra head space today it's dizzying!  

I have blogged long and hard about this dinner set.  It's like an oil slick and just kept coming to the surface muck'n stuff up.  To make it stop I finished the project!  Happy Dance!  
I confess I suck at woodworking and thank goodness I don't make my living at it.  The lumber was bought last week, I needed the space in the studio; get to it!  The box is ......kind of square, kind of 13 x 13 inches.  The latches work and so does the handle.  Still needs a good staining and paint on the inside but the hard stuff is done.  Cutting, sanding, branding...... the brand is from basket making days, nice to dig it out and use it again!  Dinner for two complete; cloth place mats and napkins.  It's a proto type, doubt I will sell it.  Or maybe make another one and give it to the kids for Solstice Celebrations.  
I don't think I could ever get my time out of it but it begged to be done and I wanted to know if I could do it.  I can and I think it's a cool idea but alas, it's one of those projects, like the kitchen, that just went on too long.  Maybe I will market the idea to Walmart :)  These would make great wedding gifts!  But then I would need a candle stick holder..... nope, done! 

I feel a lot like this fern..... Oh boy NEW!  but not moving fast enough.... BAM!  cobwebs.

  Over night! 

But on to the good stuff....... like the azalea is still blooming! 
Because the temperatures dropped 60 degrees in 5 hours!  
Frost two nights in a row, glad the tomatoes aren't out yet.

Is there anything better than new green?  

And this is where flowers come from :) 

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