Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dancing Seeds and other stuff........

There are more than leaves swirling in the air this fall.  Fall is always a transition time and a work your ass off to get ready for what's coming, commonly know as the DEAD of WINTER. (key the horror music and shrieks) 
 As the cyclonic energy blows in with gale force, sometimes you just have to lace up your boots and head out the front door.  Sort things out and stop the crazies.  Or when my Dad would say: "Charlie, you're think'n too much again...."  At 8 or 9 years old it was confusing, how do you stop thinking?  I can't, I would yell!  Hey old man! These are good questions and the dog is not talking today!  My Dad was a man of few words.  Out the front door with a slam and head for the local creek or woods with the mute dog. Within 5 minutes, dog and self would be knee deep in mud and bugs.  Upon arrival home,  really happy dog and I would head to the basement shower and washing machine.  My Mom would give me other things to think about for sure!  HOW DID YOU GET THIS WAY? she would yell down the basement steps.  I would yell back..... I don't know....... and grin at the dog standing next to me in the shower. 

Fall winds have swept in lists of impending changes.
Really good friend moves across country tomorrow, leaving a gapping void. 
96 year old Mother in Law is winding down leaving all sorts of mortality questions.
My one and only show deadline is approaching at the speed of light and dear God I am sick of "dustables".  Functional ware is in full swing however, big changes in the studio.
Plumbing issues in house. 
Stock the woodpile, immediately isn't soon enough.
OH and it's the political season...... I am changing the name to Pol-idiot season.

and the list just goes on into infinity, plus two.  
And I hear my Dad...... Charlie, you're thinking too much...... 

Yes, we live across the street from a cemetery and I have to say it is great incentive to keep moving!

This time of the year it's cold in the mornings and frost fairies are everywhere! 
Everything has a fine coating of hoar frost.  And where did that name come from?   
Ahhhhh, it's from the Old English adjective for showing signs of old age, making trees and bushes look like they have white hair.  And I thought it looked ethereal or maybe a halo...... kind of like my grey hair makes me look ethereal, maybe a halo if the sun hits it just right but never angelic! 
 Henceforth my grey hair will be called Hoar Hair and I guess that makes me Hoary or a Hoar Head? 

After a good mile into my hike I am over whelmed by the amount of seeds, one in particular made me pay attention due to jabbing and itching as I walked.
We called them devils pitchforks, nuff said, don't think I need the botanical name.

They were everywhere;  my sox, jeans, underwear and jacket.
The mud had a blanket layer of these tenacious buggers.
And that is when I started paying attention.

Mother Nature rocks when it comes to seeds.  Seriously do the math on any picture above.  It is just mind numbing.  Everything has had it's day in the sun and now winding down.  The winds blew, the birds feasted and my brain blew up thinking of what this field was going to look like in the spring and next summer.  Life goes on, nothing stops and it is awesomely cool and amazing!  Really why should we, in our little bubble be any different.  Yeah, my particular day in the sun might be fading a kilowatt or two but my seeds are gonna dance!   

About the time I reveling in the joys of nature and breathing out a bit of the crazies, a full blown, racked buck in all his glory exploded in my face from the weeds.  By the time I got my heart started and found the camera all I could see was his white flag of a tail waving goodbye.  
There were deer signs everywhere and I did pay attention but the unknown is always around the bend. 
Yes, there is the initial panic but once your brain catches up with reality, you could enjoy the moment.
Note to self: Go with that!

and then some of us just hang on for dear life..... 

All these thoughts on transitions and changes are ok.  There is such diversity out there and in here too. 
The other day I called my kids to pass on the condition of their Grandmother.  Daughter #1 is always one to listen and ask; What should I do, What can I do...... followed by a heavy sigh and more listening and then we talk about life's lessons.  Daughter #2 after hearing the report, texts back:  it's OK she is just entering the Koala stage, gotta go!   Yup, my seeds are gonna dance~!

Walking home I was full of prickers, muddy, wet and the crazies had stopped for now.  
I jumped in a hot shower on the second floor, not the basement and realized I really need a dog and I said it out loud.   And I really don't think too much and I really don't want to stop asking questions because the answers are always out the front door and over the hill....... 


  1. being outside grounds my brain.
    One of the reasons I do what I do for a living is that I can get outside, I have windows in my studio. I know that if I worked in a factory or a building with no windows that I would have to be put away.

    There are days that my mind just runs away with me.
    Today, instead of making pots, I painted a dresser that I had set aside, in my mind, to paint 2 years ago. I was so happy in that sun with the paint....
    I love your pictures and are those the same pain in the arse seeds that we call beggars lice?

  2. Sat in the sun all day burnishing pots...... Awesomeness! Tried a desk job twice, not for me! I released myself to y greater good and the good of everyone in the office :)

    I had to look up beggars lice as I had never heard of beggars lice before. It's not but really happy we don't have that weed up here! Looks dreadful! Especially if your a dog and get a face full!
    I finally looked up devils pitchfork and the botanical name is: Bidens frondosa.......... Also a German stripper :)