Tuesday, October 15, 2013

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease.........

My love/hate relationship with the old Norway Maple is getting better.  
Love the backyard in the heat of summer because it's 10 degrees cooler.
Hate the shade that now covers 80% of the way back yard, especially the old vegetable garden.
Slowly the backyard garden which used to be prime tomato beds is now being converted to blueberries, gooseberries, currants, blackberries and elderberries.  Lettuce, radishes and shade tolerant veggies have been moved to the back beds too.  
It's a noble tree that is healthy, it should not be cut down.
As the maple ages so has the gardener, finally figured out I probably shouldn't be climbing trees with chainsaws too much anymore.  
Are you sitting down?
I called the tree guys! 

Early morning light breaks through the old Maple.

Enter the tree guys while the dew was still on the pumpkins

Ropes, pulleys and tackle ...... Oh my! 

After watching this guy I believe he has squirrel DNA.
A man of few words and a bit squirrelly, in a good way :)

The wood from one limb will heat this house for a month.
They left 5 piles of wood, thankfully took the brush.
Saturday we will drag out the wood splitter and get busy stacking.

The past week has been a bit trying on the ladies who lay; 
parties, hawks and chainsaws I don't think I will get eggs for a week.
I just hate dramatic chickens...... 


  1. Yep- those guys are AMAZING! I really think that there are some things best left to people crazy enough to do them, and have GOOD insurance.
    Poor Chickens, they need to learn how to dance.

  2. Hi Meredith, I was so happy the coop was still standing! The chickens will get over it :) Happy to see the sun in the backyard again!

  3. Diva Chicks!

    Our yard is getting shadier as the years pass. We are still cutting a lot of the weedy stuff that came in after the gypsy moth years, now that it's big enough to burn. We do a lot of cutting with pulleys, ropes etc. Both the past men in my life were pros.

  4. Hi smartcat :)

    so far we have dodged the gypsy moth here. I can get quite a bit of the small stuff on a ladder and my extender pruning saw but gotta say watching these guys work was amazing. I thought what a view!
    Working in the studio I felt the thud when a huge chunk of wood hit the ground. Ran out and looked at the chickens huddled in the corner and thought......... no eggs today :)