Monday, January 6, 2014


Last weekend was a mini vacation.  Socked in the chickens with extra straw and wood shavings for the Arctic Blast and opened the fridge to warm the house. Yes, it's that cold!  After going a bit cabin crazy I decided to go junk'n.  I love junk'n.  Wandering the thrift shops and antique malls looking for who knows what.  Usually I come home empty handed as there just isn't much I need.  This weekend....... I was like a lottery winner on a binge.  Sheesh! 

I fell in love with this little bamboo fold down table.... $10....  had to have it! 
I am dreaming of coffee on the snow covered porch...... 

After setting a table for 12 on New's Years Eve I realized most of silverware had walked off somewhere over the last few years.  Loads of knives but forks and spoons are lacking. 
This old Bakelite and stainless silverware was $10 and looked really cool..... thought it would look great with hand thrown dishes.  The three on the end are from my Great Grandmas house!  
And who doesn't need another pearl handled pickled fork for 20 cents?  

Thought I was done until I found this great little plate for $2.

Anybody recognize the signature?  

Saturday night was spent wandering the aisles of Half Price Books.  Took a load of old books back to them, got a whole $2 for the load.  But then I really needed a chicken calendar, everybody needs a chicken calendar!  Great book on companion planting and a book I had never seen on preserving and pickling with terrific recipes. 

AND.... I am gonna need a 12 step program for cast iron cookware!  I love the stuff and have learned a bunch about what to buy and what not too buy.  Two 12" skillets, one 10" skillet and a square skillet (think bacon or pork chops!).  
So I paid $25 for all 4 pieces, that's $6.25 a pan!  They are in the last stretch of seasoning in the oven.  They cleaned up beautifully!  Two are Wagner's, happy dance!  One is a junk import, and one is not collectors but will be great to use!  

Found a Harvest Gold, West Bend heavy duty bunt pan for $2.  Now I can make that Rum Cake!  When I got home and totaled up, I stayed within my $50 budget and had a totally fun weekend!  Great break from the studio and life :) 

The chickens are I are splitting the sprouts.  We both need the greens and it's gonna be awhile until we see any grass........  mung beans, broc. and alfalfa for everyone!  

Stay warm!!  


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect day Sandy!! Nice to escape once in awhile!! Junkin' is my favorite past-time, as well. Found so many treasures that way!! The older that I get the more I seem to revert back to things that trigger love and happy moments of times long gone. Mom died in 2013. Making her Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge and using gramma's pan and having cast iron skillets that belonged to my great gramma all mean so much now. They certainly evoke wonderful memories. Makes me smile just thinkin' of "junk"! LOL

  2. Hi Char! This cast iron thing has been so much fun! I inherited my Mom's old Griswold pan way back when and I just love it and the pork chops that used to be cooked in that old pan! So many memories and woman who touched them all....

    did you know there is a cast iron collectors site?
    I have learned so much from the site!! Of course I signed up :) Oh what's one more pass word ?

    Happy New Year Char!!

  3. The dumbest thing ever was when I gave my cast iron Dutch oven to our son in a moment of weakness.I really thought I would never use it again. When I asked him one day if he was using it and if not would he like me to keep it for him he laughed long and hard at me. Are you kidding mom, they don't make them that well any more. Yes, son, I know.
    Cry me a river.... I do miss that pot.
    I have rehab some pans as well and I can tell you that pig fat rules.
    I have also taken home some tables. Mark has taken the top from a 5. One to make into a shelf for his bathroom.
    Keep the refrigerator door open. It's going be a cold one.

  4. Oh Meredith! Did the samething with my Dutch oven years ago! Unfortunately I gave mine to Goodwill, now every time I hit Goodwill I check the kitchen aisle first, thinking I will find another someday..... Silly me!

    Tonight I think I could open the freezer and warm this old house! Wow!