Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow-magedon..... Meh.....

Well we did get a bit of snow but nothing off the charts, as once again predicted by the weather guy.  Kind of wish he'd take some doggie downers.  The temperatures on the other hand are a bit mind numbing.....  -3!  Toss in wind chill and it's a knee knocker!   I can hardly wait for next Tuesday when it's supposed to be -33!  

The evening the storm hit I was in the studio working away at the wheel when the room started glowing pinks and raspberries.  My first thought...... The house is on fire!  Heating our back room with wood, you just never know.  I jumped up and ran out the door but got smacked in the face with one of the prettiest sunsets in a long time.  The wind had shifted and it was cold but how could I not walk down the driveway in my shirtsleeves?  It's like the pied piper and I'm a mouse!  
Within in minutes it was gone....... 
The end of the day when you sigh and say;  good to be alive.

Still decorated!  and probably will be until Easter, it's tradition.

Sunday was downright balmy.  I was supposed to go to the studio but never made it.
Cleaned out the chicken coop, everybody fed and watered.  Then I treated myself to an afternoon in the tunnel house.  Here is the harvest of oak leaf lettuce and a bit of romaine.  In the dead of winter I think it is the best salad I've ever eaten!  This to me is the Christmas miracle!  I will be wrapping the entire yard in poly next year!  Just the smell of moist dirt on cold Dec. day is worth the tunnel!  

Took the time to pot a few plants...... again, moist dirt :) 

Still perfecting my sourdough bread! 

New Year's Eve we had a neighborhood progressive dinner!  
Haven't pulled out the hidden extensions in the old table in a good long time.  Was so much fun to have 12 people crowded around the table as the wood stove crackled.  I had the salad course and broke out garden beans, sun dried tomatoes, beans, potatoes, nasturtium vinegars, sour dough breads and other goodies tucked away.  We feasted on appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and dessert as we rang in the new year..... and we stayed up until the wee hours visiting.  
A very nice way to ring in 2014! 

Wednesday it started....... 

a good 10 inches and now the wind...... YEAH!  for living in the snow belt! 

Even with sub zero temps, the pond still pumps!  The birds just love it! 

The weather has kept me in the studio.  

Why all the teapots?  Come February the Cleveland Museum of Art will be opening a new exhibit: Modern Art of Japan, remaking tradition.
  CMA gift gallery has requested teapots.  I am honored ...... 

March 1st will find me back on the east coast as featured artist in the gallery shop at :
again...... so excited! 

  So busy days ahead and right now the snow is keeping me in the studio..... a very good way to start the New Year! 


  1. But here in the South,we have cans of snow we can buy and spray on the windows and then draw snowmen and other fun things,haha! Loved your comment on my blog:-)
    Have fun in the real stuff, better you than this beach girl!

  2. Tracey! After I read your blog and was laughing I had a flashback to my kiddo-hood. Worst storms of the 60's and my Mom used to buy Glass Wax and we would frost up the windows! Then get really mad when Jack Frost would leave ice crystals behind, melting our all our labored over snowflakes......... Then came snow in a can and we were so happy! LOL!

  3. I sure love the look of those greens. YES to more shrink rap next year!

  4. Hi Betsy! Am wishing we had a little more sun this winter and just a bit more above freezing temps. as I think we could have had salad and kale all winter!

    Calling our tree guys on Monday to trim up a bunch of those over hanging maples as next year I have big plans :)

    Amazing the power of little bowl of greens :)

    Hope you guys are well and happy!