Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm back!

After a back and forth with dentist and oral surgeon it turned out I had to have a tooth pulled!  Immediately felt better and then hit the skids.  OYE!  I love the Dr. who said; Oh just get an implant and then said: and I quote, "it's only $3 - 5,000.  Oh let me dig that right out of the money garden.  Completely hit me the wrong the way (you know when your inside voice screams pompous ass)  and besides I already had a bad tooth so I kind of let him "have it"..... in a nice way!  Just pointed out the last few years for some of us have been a bit of an up hill battle.  Seriously, I just sold my booth and trailer and it would not cover what I needed done!  Meanwhile a giant photo of this grinning surgeon standing on Mountain Summit with the American Flag waving next to him and his Sherpa climbing buddies loomed over my chair as I tilted back.  I thought, what an odd picture to see when you're having your wallet taken out through your gums...... 
I walked to the receptionist to settle up for the 30 seconds he looked at my x ray and said go back to your dentist to have the tooth pulled and that will be $65 on your way out.  I whipped out my wallet and he stepped up next to me and said;  No charge, my treat.  OMG!  Can I just sink into the carpet, I am not homeless and I can afford your expert opinion so you can buy another crampon but I'm a little short on the $3-5K!   Drove the hour home just steaming.  Got the tooth pulled and came home.  These are the times I want and need a dog! 
But seeing as times are what they are I came home to Neil....... 
who does not like to be touched or snuggled with, because then I would need stitches! 

As the tooth was infected it knocked me for a loop.  I suck at sick so I slept and retreated to Hogwarts.  I watched Harry Potter from beginning to end two days in a row.  

Finally on Sunday I heard the weather guy and if I had a wand I would have whipped it out! 
I went from comatose to panic gardening.  Starting on Monday afternoon the rain would begin and last  until Friday;  expect 2-3".  

I slapped on my knee pads and went to the garden!   

The first bin is chopped leaves, The second bin is clean!  The third is chicken coop clean out mixed with old compost and not quite composted.   This is a huge Spring project I look forward to crossing off my list each year. 

Tossed more wheelbarrows of compost than I could count on the final garden.  The rain will be great! 

Peas are up, although I had to get on my knees to see them.
All the lettuce starts were transplanted.

The back garden is as done as it can be for now.  
Still too cold for beans. 

The girls are happy with new coop and dusting box filled 
with diatomaceous earth.   The cuckoo marans have sailed through the last
winter but the barred rocks are really having a tough go.  I have one that is laying and 
the rest are still on vacation.   

Broccoli starts.  These have done wonderfully!  
I got the seed from Mari at the seed swap last month.

More lettuce starts.  Now covered with bird netting as the squirrels have been 
relentless this year! 

Look at this!!!!!!  I am the most excited about finding this in my garden! 
It's a praying mantis cocoon!  I was ready to yank this Cotinus when I saw the cocoon.  
The Cotinus got a reprieve and I cannot wait to see little praying mantis all over the garden!  

The desk of a mad woman......... garden planning is not for the faint of heart :)  

I seriously need to throw some pots! 


  1. Ugh, dentists! I once commented to my dentist that I was paying for the fancy shoes he had on and he was not in the least bit amused by my comment. actually seemed to take offense to it! When I get my piece of land that offers sunshine instead of this shady rock pile I live on, I am flying you to NC to plan my garden!

  2. I have had 3 root canals, it sucks, it's expensive!
    Let me just pull that outta my a##
    There are not enough tomatoes to pay for that.
    Will they take it in chicken eggs??
    We need to grow another set of teeth around 50.

  3. Tracey I really wonder if they've lost touch with the real world........ I mean do you really need that Land Rover to get to the Nordstrom sale at the mall?

    You are in a growing zone I can only dream about! Stick in a couple raised beds and go for it! And remember there is no crying in the garden :)

  4. LOL! Meredith! I love the look on their face when you say........ No really, I don't have dental insurance. This has happen a couple times. So Meredith I think we should start making teeth! How many can you fit in that big kiln of yours? Porcelain? I gotta a ton!

    I offered a first born but they baulked......... Honestly, back to a wand!

  5. Hope you are feeling much better now. Teeth..., dentists...., doctors.... AGGGGGGGGGGGGH! I really don't understand why they think they need to charge so much for what they do, hell, they are mostly nuking things, or pulling them out... not making them grow! Growing new teeth at 50 seems a great idea, but I am going mildly light headed at the thought of how many porcelain teeth I could fit in my electric kiln (and what their street value would be!!!). Or just imagine teeth for well seasoned wood firers... they could be quite a status symbol! Sets of craggy molars and incisors fired for 5 days at cone 12 in an anagama, with ash building up and running down them, and toasting from the flames!

  6. Welcome Peter! I would like to grow a new knee a few teeth and I'd be fine :)

    LOL! Oh Peter I can just imagine showing up at NCECA! It's bad enough when someone rolls their eyes and says; Oh cone 6 oxidation. Yup see my bright blue molar? Oh, you woodfire! Peter you could be sporting lovely crystals :)
    Love it!