Friday, May 2, 2014

Drop it like it's hot......

and so they did!  
Norway maples..... argh!  The seeds had sprouted on the property line two owners ago.  Then the house next door is all but abandoned.  The house behind us went into foreclosure last month too.   I thought it's time!  
I love these tree guys.  They dropped everything and left in two hours.  Now I will be cleaning up.  With 8 pretty hefty trees down we should have enough wood for next winter and then some!  The branches will be chipped and used for chicken bedding and pathways.  Every part of these trees will get used.  

First tree down..... 

send in the potter! 

had to cut a path to the chickens.... 

even the way back is full.....

The deer have all but killed the chamy's, last winter they even ate the holly! 
So dead stuff out and chip pile in.  Hidden nicely behind the rhoddy :) 
Garden camouflage.....

Finally got to the studio!  I have missed my books on tape immensely! 
The Cookbook Conspiracy was pretty good and now into Fannie Flag's last book.  I just love her books, they light and fun! 

And I no longer need to get on my knees to see the peas, they have arrived!  

Butch is off to see Rachael in Fort Collins for quick turnaround, like dinner and a movie!  I opted to stay home this trip.  They will have a blast and me too :)  Happy Dance, alone time on the compound!! 
Now would somebody flip the rain switch off and put the cat out,  please :)  

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  1. We're cursing the sycamore seedings...acers!!