Sunday, October 26, 2014

Garden catch up!

It's Fall and my blog posts have lagged sorely behind.  I can't possibly stay at the computer while there is this much color and "stuff" to do outside!  We all know what's coming!  
The camera has had a work out and realizing this morning I had snapped off over 100 images!
Here are the highlights of the last few weeks.

This one small area of the garden has over 15 varieties of plants.  Most are 
fading but the deciduous holly is loaded with berries!  
The cedar waxwings can't be far behind. 

Prince charming is still waiting for that magical kiss…… 
Keep waiting, although I do enjoy his company with my morning coffee.

Scarlet runner beans have found a permanent place in this garden! 
The hummingbirds and gardener found high garden satisfaction.

The garden path has grown thick with lavender,
nasturtiums, strawberry runners and greek oregano.
The bees are glad there is a lazy gardener afoot.

One of my favorites!  Digitalis, hope it seeds freely this year.

He still earns his keep.  Must be something good in the carrots.

The eggplant is just awful this year…… flea beetles had a banner year! 

Celery has been incredibly prolific and tasty.  
Soup has never tasted so good! 

There has been a bit of time to walk around this fall. 

A gray Lake Erie Sunday…… 

Even the woods is wet this fall.

Noticing bumper crops of wild grapes, rose hips and acorns.  
They are predicting a normal winter…….. if anyone knows 
what normal is anymore could you let me know….. I can't remember! 

Running the parks and doing a bit a fishing now that the river is up again. 


  1. Thanks for the pics. Always a treat. So good to have been there and to see the bigger picture.

  2. Hi Betsy Hall! I owe you a catch up letter!! The came out of the water yesterday so stuff should be starting to settle down a bit…… Hahahaha…. never!!

  3. MORE NEIL PICTURES!!! i'm making a background for my computer :)

  4. you know daughter #2, he is very camera shy and illusive…… he's a cat!