Sunday, November 23, 2014

ARGH! …. tomorrow…….

and those closings mentioned in the last post?   
Life as I know it is closing or at least changing.  

Tomorrow morning I will wake early, tend the chicklets, drink my coffee and walk a mile to the bus stop.  Hopefully, get on the correct bus and make the 50 minute ride to my new….. job.  

My outside self is so excited for this next adventure!  One of my dear children…. you know the fruit from my lady garden…. said;  MOM, you're 60 and you're going to have a student ID?  Ha!  Mom, you're in the system!  

I have spent years staying out of the system, living underground and now I have been fingerprinted, scanned and background checked.  Ha!  I am not the axe murder of Painesville!  I have willingly given out my bank account information for direct deposit and social security information.  My last 14 years have been spent guarding it with my life and practically living under ground…. identity theft will do that!  I have a brand new SSN and just don't give it out willy nilly, the old one ended up on every rap artists and casino bathroom from here to Los Angels and Windsor, Ontario.  In my spare time my other self was out stealing cars, paying for studio time at a rap studio and buying cell phones at an alarming rate.  No wonder I was so tired….   

I filled out 32 pages of paperwork!  One of the forms used 6 pages to explain exactly what the 2 page form was and if I lied I would be taken to jail and one more time in Spanish…...  I loved reading the bottom of page 9, stating this was part of the "reduction of paperwork act" passed by congress.  The last job I had, there was one question….. are you breathing.

Today I searched the bus routes, dumped the chairs for the $1.75 bus fare, cleaned out my backpack, looked at the weather report and checked my shoes for support, tread and cushion.  Today, my other self thought the world was ending and ate; eggs sunny side up with a side of toast, bloody mary's stirred with bacon sticks, a can of salt and vinegar Pringles, pizza and washed down with cold beer.  I am either going to die or be so swollen, the guy who hired me won't know it's me.  By morning I should look like the Michelin Tire guy waddling to the bus stop!  It's not the end of the world just me getting a J-O-B.   

The funny part of the entire story…… I got the job to pay the over head on the gallery.  I know when January hits, sales will come to a screeching halt, it's retail.  But your rent is still due and so is the electric bill, insurance and clay to buy.  So in my effort to be a self supporting potter I had to get a job.  I find that ridiculously funny!  I think it's just like that these days. We hear the big recession is over but the guy who lives behind me and runs a great little neighborhood greenhouse has taken a job driving a school bus to pay bills too.  The green house has been in his family at least two generations and supported the family. 

Hmmmm so 3 days a week out of the studio, a gallery to keep filled and open, loads of pots to weave, 4 galleries to keep stocked,  two or three shows to apply to and OH here's big news, teaching two sessions at Touch Stone Center for Craft .  And lets not forget that garden thing!  2015 is bucking up to be a busy year and if my other self can step in and lend a hand I bet it could use my old Social Security Number!  


  1. In the words of the wise and wonderful Mr George Takei .... "Oh My"

  2. I know, back on veggies tomorrow!

  3. But you are ALIVE! (Read my blog post)
    I love that direct deposit, you just look at your bank account and money shows up there, it's the coolest thing ever, no PayPal, no Etsy, no sales tax forms to send in, just go to a fun job and receive money. What a concept!
    I am loving being a working girl after twenty years out of circulation. I can't wait to get to work, I have so much energy and there is no dread about things. I hope your job is this great too! Best of luck. But like my daddy told me, " you can always quit, there's plenty of work out there". And just think, most parents are telling their kids to never give up, haha!

  4. Girl, you got this.
    I keep telling people I was 60 before I realized I had no skills and needed a kid.
    There are not many jobs for a person who raised kids, pigs, rabbits, and goats. Fell into pottery and made money like we were selling drugs. Being able to give it back and get paid is strangely wonderful.
    And, they pay you, bonus.
    Go get it!

  5. Need a job.................I don't need a kid at 60 plus........

  6. Ha! Thank You Tracey and Meredith! I'm out the door and on my way to the bus! Catch you guys on the flip side! Yup, 20 years out of circulation...... Whoa!

    Hey, at least we're no dating HAHAHAHA !!

  7. If I had to date right now, I would have to find a 20 year old with a sick mind,haha! Easier to train :-)
    You have soooo much to give. It feels good to work with younger people and realize how much one learns over the years. I feel so much wiser than I thought I was, haha!
    Hold on and enjoy the new journey

  8. Best of luck today, you'll do awesome!
    I think that we all sell ourselves short when marketing ourselves to others. Most women have done every type of job wether it was at home, for our own business, or working for someone else.
    When I jumped ship from early childhood ed to real estate, I sat down and listed all the skills I had and used them in my resume, cover letters, and interviews. See it written down gave me more confidence!

  9. Hi Michèle! Wise words…… we woman are so great at wearing so many hats but not very good at seeing all the hats we wear~ Guilty!

    What a good exercise to put down all the stuff I have done over my life and write it down!

    All in all I survived the first day and am just bushed! But it went well!
    Now to get on a schedule so I can continue working in the studio or at least get stuff done.
    I do think it will all come together :)