Sunday, November 23, 2014

Openings and Closings…...

Since the last post there have been two openings at the gallery and 4 kilns fired.  
Pots packed, gallery adjusted, little sleeping and lots of throwing. 
Wednesday night we had a very nice event for the Earth Day Coalition.  Sold two framed pieces and drove home at 11 p.m.  Long day……. 

Thursday was spent trimming, firing and thinking about Fridays opening. 
We got hit with another storm on Thursday so all the hunting and gathering was pitched back to Friday morning.  I managed to make a vat of hummus and smoked salmon dip, clean veggies, buy boxes of crackers and couple bottles of wine.  Slapped it on a table before opening and slam a few cups of coffee.  Drove home at 11 p.m.  Long day…… 
There seems to be a theme with this gallery thing.  Long day…… 
but I am paying my rent! 

Table for 6 please…..

I LOVE hosting a small portion of the "Directors Choice" show from Lakeland! 
Even sold one of Richard Aerni's lovely bowls!  As the woman bought the 
bowl, so many other potters standing around said:  Awwww, he's such a nice guy! 
Is that just the best thing ever?!   I love having other work in the gallery and thinking a visiting clay artist might be a great thing every month!

And Neil Patterson….. his work is just the bomb! 

And I have too many pots, the place is starting to look like a garage sale.  
There are three more shows in December and then have potters angst if I have enough…. 
It's just like ordering mulch, hmmm 20 yards but wait I should have ordered 22 yards. 
One never knows…. and whatever the buying public decides is the best thing you make, you only made one.  I know I need shelving, lots of shelving!  It will make a huge difference in display, but as this space is temporary and the big move to permanent space will begin in January I am reluctant to build a shelf unit.  For now making due!  Seriously, just the thought of moving all the stuff here is a bit daunting. 

and more pots…..

Working on sheep to go with the bees…… 

Here are the results from a day with a photographer in the studio.  
The photographer is taking classes on portraiture and wondered if I would be up
for a few pictures.  Sure!  I hope her critique goes well because we did have fun!