Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy New Year ….. new adventures

I closed the door on the gallery Dec. 18th, got in the cookie express the next morning and drove 26 hours to Colorado for Christmas with the Chick-lets.  

I had been to Colorado, almost the same trip in 1984 and ya know the same mountains are still there.  Not one mountain had done a side out rotate.  I still get altitude sickness like it's my job and it was just like I remembered.  

We saw mountains…..

Dogs who live in mountains and apparently enjoy the ski slopes of Crested Butte...

And children who I completely identify with…. 
Stop poking me, I just want to lay here and die….. 

And then my family thought we needed to taste the local rum. 
Ahhhhh the size of my head… no drinking for this flat-lander, but the family had great time.

And while all my friends back in Cleveland were emailing about cooking the Christmas turkey in shorts, sandals and windows wide open, I learned the true meaning of muffin tops! 

While my family hurled themselves down a mountain on skinny fiber glass sticks at 12,300 ft.
I huffed and puffed to the Crested Butte library and a coffee shop with free wifi and free refills!  Score! 

Took a walk through town.

After 8 days of living in a 400 square foot apartment with an angry cat, hyper dog and 4 large people, I learned we have a pretty great time together.  There was no fighting, even with one bathroom, sign us up for the Peace talks!  
Oh and no kitchen table, eating Christmas dinner in lawn chairs was interesting :) 

 and the drive home…… flooding, roads closed, road construction, ice storms and an extra 12 hours.

But we made it back to Ohio and the land of questionable behavior...

This is the first time we have had time to walk the beach and roll back to Sunday mornings.

Loads of changes in store this year.  There have been some cataclysmic things hit home since January 4th and lots of hindsight.  So lets get this party started …… 

PS:  Dear Family….. you will need a crow bar to get me out of my house next year.  I will send cookies and large cardboard cutout. 


  1. Your best post yet, Sandy! But, I guess I am a bit biased about Colorado.

  2. Thanks Cynthia! I learned my cut off altitude is 7,000 feet….. and that took me 60 years to figure out! :)

  3. Thank you!
    Muffin tops got me.
    I'd be right there in the coffee, Wi-Fi, walk line.
    I've never desired flinging myself down a snow covered hill, ever.
    Happy New year.

  4. Happy New Year Meredith! We do have our priorities, don't we? 😄 May your morning coffee be hot, your new students brilliant and trip to school short! Gonna be a year!

  5. Love the details from your trek west .... 4 in 400 sq ft ... yikes! and I thought 8 in 1200 sq ft was pushing it, I am looking forward to hearing about the new directions on the horizon. Let the fun begin!

  6. Good Morning Brenda! Happy New Year! Feels like a rugby game already; no pads, full contact. And we're just starting! And this is how we roll 😄

  7. We could not have had more opposite New Years! I spent mine at the ocean walking in 70 degree air. I am not a snow girl, so glad my girl has grown up so I don't have to drag her sled around when it snows here! Much nicer to sit inside and wait for a sunny day :)
    Happy new year Sandy, lots of changes for all of us. Xo

  8. The things we will endure for our children!
    The scenery is beautiful, and I am sure you all had a great time... a Christmas to remember ;-)

  9. Loved your recounting of your trip. I'm with you at the free WiFi station.

  10. Tracey! Mine feel huge internally and yours are ..... Well cosmic! Tonight, I'm sitting by a fire looking out on a foot of fresh snow and a thermometer registering 11 degrees. I think this is what they call the dead of winter. That said.....beach would be just lovely!
    Cannot wait to see what's in store for 2016! Happy New Year! I will vicariously through your blog :)

  11. Michèle, Happy New Year and YES, the things we willingly go through for our children! :)
    Rachael will more than likely be in Alaska next Christmas, I will make sure FaceTime is in order for the holidays Hahahaha!

  12. Happy New Year Wendy! Thank you for the lovely Christmas Card and catch up. A new job! Congratulations!!