Friday, August 26, 2016

A Month of Kirby..........

A Month has passed since a beat up, scabby, shaky dog walked through the door.  My oh my, what 30 days can do for the forlorn and downtrodden.  30 days of treats and attention you get your wag back!  

Since last posting, Kirby made it to the beach, gone for three car rides and made it onto his bed.  Although the bed seems to be more of hurdle than the beach or the car!  Clearly, he has never seen furniture before.  Two days ago I sat on the floor and sprinkled a peanut butter treat at each corner of the very expensive orthopedic dog bed, we have been walking around for a month.  He walked around to each corner, ate the treat and asked for more!  No, you need to get on the bed to get the treats!  2 treats placed in the middle of the bed and wow can this dog lean into get treats, his paws never left the floor.  I gave up and told him I'd try again tomorrow.  This guy has scabs on one hind elbow and a healing scab on a front elbow.  I'm pretty sure he spent a lot of time on concrete.  Trust me the bed is better than the floor, you're gonna love it.  

Next morning.  I get on the floor with a bag of treats and tapped on the bed with my hand.  Oh God, he dropped to his belly quivering and I got the flickering squinty eyes like he was waiting to be beat.  Well my heart turned to goo.  Here have a treat, no wait have the whole bag of treats, no wait give me a couple treats.  And while I was dolling out treats I got on the bed and talked pretty to the dog who was gobbling down treats.  Everybody calmed down, took a breath, lots of praise and then he figured out there was a full grown person on the floor playing with him and giving him treats.  In the heat of fun time he jumped on the bed, immediately jumped off the bed and dropped to the floor.  When he jumped on the bed I exploded with delight!  What a good boy!!  Yes, do it again and he did!  And I exploded, clapping and carrying on and if a dog could laugh I think he did. And if the neighbors saw me I'll be in the loony bin.  After all that we went for a long walk. 

We tried again later and with a lot of coaxing, he made it onto the bed.  As I backed away, he got off the bed.  Thats OK, we can try again later...... 

The next morning I went for my run and decided it was time for us to hit the beach.  He's a lab for pete sakes, he has to love the water.  First trick, get him in the truck!  He had not been in the truck since he arrived.  I put his life jacket on because it has a handle and I hoisted him in the truck.  He hooked his front feet under the jump seats and dug in.  I had to put him down and try again.  By the time I got 90 pounds of dog in the backseat of the truck we were both shaking and panting.  Rolled the windows down, started the truck and off we went, both breathing hard.  The beach is about 2 miles away and we made it!  I opened the door, his tail was wagging and the ears were on full alert, all good signs.  I grabbed the handle and hoisted him out.  His feet touched the sand and he froze.  Hmmmm never been in sand Kirby?  Cool, we'll just hang out until you're comfortable........ and we hung out in the parking lot for 15 minutes.  He was velcro-ed to my knees.  We spent 3 hours at the beach.  And just for the record, you can't poop in a life jacket.  He attempted twice and the third time I took the life jacket of and the relief on his face.......well you can only imagine.  Poop time over, life jacket back on.  We made it to the water.  Lake?  Wave Action?  You're kidding right..... 

We spent a good hour wading around and then I walked in a bit deeper, up to my knees.  He kept up brilliantly, it was like wearing another pair of pants!  I finally walked to where his feet no longer touched the bottom.  The life jacket held him up but he flipped over!  He was like a bobber at end of the leash. Then panic set in.  Shit was all I could say.  The last dog loved the life jacket.  While in the deep end I unbuckled him and took it off and he did great!  He knows how to swim but is not happy about swimming.  We waded back to shore and we happy danced.

Life is pretty sweet at the beach.  His third trip to the beach and he was much easier to get in the truck.  On the return trip, I said: well Kirb, lets go home.  We got to the truck and he hopped in; BY HIMSELF!!  Phew!  

We got home and we were both pretty exhausted.  When we walk in the door I always get the peanut butter treats and tell him to sit.  After 3 weeks, we walk in the door and he automatically sits, patiently waiting for a treat. He is eager to please and I'm just easy. 

Your bed awaits........

He was so tired there was no problem getting him on the bed....... 

on alert.....

but soooooo tired........

And it's sooooo cushy........

Every night I make sure he starts off on his bed.  I turn the lights out, say good night and in the morning he's on floor. 

Speaking of on the floor......... 
guess who just couldn't stay away....... 

See this floor dog?  Well it's all mine....... 

Now seriously guys, we gotta talk...... a dog?  You're keeping it?  
I just don't know what to say...... 

So can he do impersonations?
Look, I'm the Sphinx! (more like the Stinks)
You're still keep'n him? 

Hey Rufus, I got this....... 

and I'm not getting anything else done...... no pottery updates this week! 


  1. You are pretty much smitten aren't you :)
    I love this dog, I'm getting Wesley a dog for homecoming! I need a dog in my life!

  2. Hey Tracey! Yes, I am smitten....... actually I feel like I won the lottery! And I can't believe the void in this house for two years without a dog! Even my dear husband who begged me not to get a dog has said: Wow, he sure is a good dog." Sure does put a bit of sunshine back in the house and studio! Have fun falling in love, it's the best :)

  3. Adoption adjustments can be tricky .... add blindness and it's a whole other dimension. You're doing good work, kiddo. Rufus will come around at some point 😼 and agree with the rest of us who are following along with you and enjoying the story.

  4. Adriana! Good Morning! Sending you sloppy kisses across the oceans 🐢❣😘

  5. Hey Brenda! How is your gang up in BC?! Thanks! Rufus is so,disgusted it's funny! I think he would rather have chickens and so as not to disappoint, they're coming in the Spring! Then this place will get rolling again πŸ˜‚ At some point Kirby needs to stop being cute and I need to get a bit of work done! The season is coming!!

  6. My God, I do LOVE reading your blog!

  7. Good Morning Cindy! Kirby is doing great! You do so much for animals stuck in shelters! Thanks❣❣😘🐢😽

  8. You both have come a long way. He will love the beach more and more and the bed.

  9. Hey Ms G! I just need to keep that life jacket in the truck πŸ˜‚ We are having a great time❣ Thanks🐢😘

  10. Thanks for asking .... but it would take a full blog post to update the goings on here for the past few months ... oh right ... I could do that πŸ˜‰ .... maybe I will.

  11. Yeah! An update from the Northwest passage would be awesome πŸ‘πŸ»❣πŸΆπŸ“πŸΆπŸ“πŸΆπŸ“

  12. So good to read your posts about Kirby. Love is probably a bit crazy when looked at in terms of efficiency, productivity, economics, and all those tiresome things that bean counters think are the meaning of life, but I am so, so glad that there are people who will take a blind and shaky dog and give it so much love and caring. It's not only delightful for the dog, but a wild and joyful leap into positive territory for humanity too! Bless you!

  13. Peter! So nice for you to stop by! I'm find my growing older has allowed so much more time to learn patience and just when you think he's there, a little more patience. It has been a wild joyful month to be sure. He he growing into his happy dog self and I'm growing into someone who runs down the steps in the morning to so much sunshine it's joyful indeed! A yellow Lab..... Furball sunshine☺️