Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Not So Quick Up Date........

A quick catch up before I lace my shoes up and head out to wrangle the day into some sort of order...... 

The best phrase to sum up this summer: Drag and Drop (thank you Apple).  
Still hot, still humid, still trying get my underwear on in less than 30 minutes.  Seriously why isn't this an Olympic sport?  Anybody can row a canoe or take a dip in the pool but Michael Phelps until you can get a sports bra on in less than 10 minutes in 100% humidity are you really an athlete?  The judges deduct points for dropping to the floor, crying, screaming, excessive sweating, writhing on the bed, giving up and just telling everyone you're wearing a turtleneck; you just have not been in a competition because the sports bra wins.... every time!  Hey Iowa, cut the corn already, we need the corn sweats to stop!  Honestly if one more person from the midwest posts a picture of cornfields with the caption; The corn is just beautiful this year...... I'm sending them my underwear!  I have lost count of how many times I've run to the bathroom, tried to get my underwear up or down and discovered I put on tear away underpants.  Of course I should not get dressed in the dark either because I had wiggled myself into a leg hole instead of the waistband.  Half way through my morning I wondered why my underwear kept riding up to a thong on one butt cheek one........ because it was your waist hole.  I figured this out by the time the temperatures were over 90, another pair of tear aways.....  

The rain has arrived, thankfully!  The river is up, the steelhead will spawn, and the gardens will grow.... like little shop of horrors! Yikes! 

Tuesday I walked from the studio to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and make the mistake of bending over to see whats going.  4 hours later I'm headed to the kitchen with an arm load of cukes, excited I have more pumpkins than I can count and pockets full of peppers and tomatoes.  I always know it's August when I see this on the counter because I have cukes up the kazoo!  
and how cute are baby pumpkins?

Kirby has these same issues.  I have learned soooooo much in a month of Kirby!  Butch was standing in the kitchen yesterday saying he thinks Kirby can really see and is just faking it.  Kirby will sit there and watch him eat a hot dog, begging with those doggy eyes and Butch just melts.  Butch declares;  He can see me eating this hot dog, look at him!  No he smells you eating a hot dog!  I think he's faking it........ and then Kirby walks away, into his water dish.  Yep, totally faking it and you're such a guy! 

This dog!  We walk everyday, in the morning, evening and right before bed.  Everyday he grows more comfortable in this new house and neighborhood.  Everyday I ask a little more of him.  I walked  everyday before Kirby arrived but it has occurred to me how blind I had become.  This big yellow dog with the polka dot tongue has made me slow down, be patient and quietly observe.  He might not have sight but his nose makes up for his eyes!  I am realizing his world is so much bigger than I ever thought it could be.  My expectations were limited, his are not!  This week he made me look at small tiny mushrooms, caterpillars, a pile of downy goose feathers, many piles of random poop and a pink condom.   Yeah we walk in a cemetery and it made me laugh.  I thought, how interesting this is a place where we honor the end of life and yet I wondered how many lives had started in the back of this old cemetery?  It's been here over 150 years ........  I run in the cemetery I find it to be great incentive to keep going!  All this stuff has been there since before Kirby but now I am seeing it. 
He found the skunk in the middle of the night before I did!  Thanks buddy!  Really! 

He is teaching me no matter how many times you run into a wall, you eventually find the door!  
And when you find the door, wag that tail and be so happy! 

Yesterday I asked a lot of him.  I asked him to run with me.  I asked him to trust me enough to run along side, not timidly picking your way down the sidewalk but on the road.  We started with a walk, then a little faster then we dropped into a nice cadence.  He matched my steps and fell in behind me.  Early morning, the day was still cool and we had a gentle breeze.  It was perfect!  We got to the big open field and took him off the leash to explore.  I could hear and see a huge flock of geese that had spent the night in the field.  They seem unflustered when we arrived.  Kirby didn't seem to care either.  Then the wind shifted and he got a snoot full of goose.  The tail went up, the nose hit the air, the ears perked up, and he was on red alert.  The honking did nothing for him but the scent!  Very methodically he worked the field.  The geese never took off but just kept moving and honking.  He never broke into a run because that would be crazy!  But the tail was on full wag!  It was amazing to watch and I loved it, he loved it!  The heat was building and I decided it was time to head for home.   He will not jog with me in the grass but prefers pavement.  He dropped into a nice rhythm.  The last 200 yards we walked to cool down.  He was spent.  He slept the rest of the day. 
He's still getting used to new things.  Bed: $50, Floor free......

 I am excited to be back in the studio these days.  I'm loving all the carving these warm summer days.  And high fire porcelain has won my heart too. 

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."
W.B. Yeats


  1. Belly laugh, love and happiness all in one post! Thanks!
    I once bought a "sports" bra and thought who's hell is this?
    I just could not stand getting it on and thinking about how much damage I was doing to the girls. I'd rather breast feed a duck.
    Happy fall is coming.

  2. Great post Sandy . Kilby is a lucky dog finding you . Cheers Rhonda

  3. What Meridith?! Are you saying you don't like the uniboob look? Had to be a guy that invented these things! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Hi Rhonda! Thanks ❣. Boy he has fit into this potters life pretty well! Happy Potting!

  5. Kirby seems to be Zen master to you, Grasshopper. As for the condom In the cemetery, that is pretty common. We have to chase the hookers out of the cemetery where I work.

  6. We could do a post on things we think men who hate women invented, such as putting the toilet paper rolls in bathrooms so low.and, 1 ply......panty hose, we thought that was good until we had to wear them. Ha!

  7. Panty hose were invented to rob banks, tie up tomatoes and hold a bar of soap next to the outdoor faucet ๐Ÿ˜‚ You mean we were supposed to wear them? And didn't a guy invent stiletto heels? Ya, those work great in the studio๐Ÿ˜‚ Good Morning Meredith❣❣

  8. Hi Wendy, he is working out quite well!

  9. Polka dot tongue?! .... our last lab/g. retriever cross before the crazy twins (who are same mix) had a big dot in the middle of her tongue ... and we once 'rescued' a frantic similar breed running down the highway (returned to owner) who had the same marking. I wonder if it's a breed thing. I am thinking you and Kirb are generating a bit of internet buzz these days ... and a lot of 'awwws' and tears. It's such a heartwarming story. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  10. Hey Brenda!! That polka dot tongue is getting a workout these days! None of our other dogs have ever had a polkadot tongue before so when I saw it, I laughed and thought ok you're different! I sure am learning to slow down and someone lead for a bit :) That's all good!! Kirby and I are both ready for this heat and humidity to go far away....... Thanks!! Bet you have a bunch of stories with your pack too!! Theres a great book I read a couple years ago I think the title was Woman's Best Friend ; a Celebration of Dogs and Their Woman...... I think Barbara Cohen was the author .... you might enjoy a winter read, it's coming you know :)