Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Winding down........

The Victoria Salvia, Hydrangea Paniculatas and Autumn Sedum Joy (doesn't that just roll off your tongue)  are doing their thing and the bees could not be happier.  It should be Sedum, Autumn Joy but Autumn Sedum Joy is more fun to say; my garden my rules. The pollinator activity is frantic at the moment, a sure sign we should all be a little frantic getting ready for the impending whatever...... I have given up trying to expect regular weather patterns.   However all the signs are there, squirrels are in hyper-gather, the groundhog is so fat he doesn't fit in the trap and moonwalks out the door, the deer are BIG and growing antlers, bird traffic is changing, the dog is pretty springy in the mornings, the geese are honking and the Monarchs are migrating. 

I wake up one morning, do a garden walk about and say out loud........ "it's over" and where are the CARBS?!   

Time to drag the canning stuff out of the basement and get busy!  It takes about a month to get the shelves in the basement full.  It's not day in and day out because I am not that kind of girl.  This year I had a hard time getting my canning gene kicked into gear.  Normally there is a rhythm or cadence to this time of the year, especially in the kitchen.  I stalk the garden and farmers markets relentlessly, starting in early August.  I always, always, always kick off the season with dilly beans, this year no beans!  I drove, I called, I banged on the doors of all my old haunts and no beans when beans were supposed to be happening.  Gotta say it threw me off my game!  Luckily my tomatoes were gaining and corn was around the bend.  And then there were the cucumbers....... holy cucumber season, it was overwhelming this year.  I fermented and made enough relishes for 5 families, I donated, I did cucumber drive-bys and they are still coming on strong; although slowing down thankfully!  I tried to trap the groundhog with cucumbers but he just wasn't having it, he was over cucumbers too.  He did love the watermelon and grew so fat his butt kept the door wedged open while his front part ate watermelon, carrots, greens, and anything else I put in the Hav-a-Heart trap.  I no longer have a heart and thinking giant paint balls might be in his future. 

Finally the pots bubbled, the dog had tomato stains on his big yellow head and got stuck to the floor twice but licked his way out.  I had more than one vinegar facial this year and the compost pile grew from the cast offs.  

There are still a few jars that need to be filled but the majority of the canning is done for this year.   It's time to type up the inventory sheet, attach it to the clip board and hang it on the basement door.  When, He Who Shall Not Be Named, is rummaging through the cupboards or fridge, I hand him the clipboard and see if anything looks good in the basement without actually descending into the basement.  Now if the troll, giant spider or occasional mouse would hand up a basket of jars filled with goodness we could all live happily ever after. 

In other news...... the Peace Corps bowls were delivered!  Another order was delivered and the studio got cleaned!  

I also learned my super fantastic dog will lay on his bed while I use my rotary Dremel sander on his nails!  This is revolutionary over nail clippers and a game changer for both of us!  I am now the very pretty nail lady who sits on the floor for doggie pedicures.  A swim in the lake, a warm hose-down in the driveway, a Dremel pedicure and Doggie Spa Day is complete.   

What would Mrs. Swan say? 

And in the pottery world....... I cancelled a show, gained two shows and really need to get in the studio but I think I'll bake a loaf bread first because it is CARB season!  Bring on the sweaters, wool socks, backyard fires, bowls of hot steamy soup, cooler weather, pumpkins and wands, swirling leaves and a good glass of bourbon.  

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