Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cooking lessons.......

Abby hit the door late Tuesday night.  Finals are over and Kent is a memory.

She called on her way home and I said; "Hey how about pizza for dinner?"
"Hi Mom!!  I would love meat on a bone, like steak and maybe a salad?"  Oh, ok stop with Dad and pick up the "meat on a bone" and I'll make a salad.  So much for tossing a pizza in the oven.
Home at last, the table is set and we can catch up on life.  I watched in amazement as an entire steak disappeared before I had eaten the garnish off my salad.  Thanks Mom, that was fabu-licious and she grabbed the car keys, dashing out the door to visit friends at Starbucks.  
As I heard the door slam I said the Mom chant;
"Drive careful and we have loads to do tomorrow!"

Wednesday was an adjustment day, for me.
Up early and stumbling to the coffee pot, I never turn on the lights
as that would be too much of a shock to my delicate system at 6 a.m.
I have lived here 25 years and my feet know the way to the coffee pot.
My barefeet found a 50 pound backpack in the middle of the floor,
a laundry basket full of dirty clothes and pairs of shoes scattered to the door.
She must have been late because my bare feet found the puddles of melted icy cold snow too.
Muttering expletives, the dog covered his ears......

Made coffee in the dark and stumbled to the back door to let the dog out & tossed a log in the woodstove.  The coffee pot beeped, and I ran back in the dark to get my morning infusion.  Reaching up in the dark for a cup........ no cups.  Where are the cups?  Turning on the light and realize Santa Dohrman had sent a new mug rack and I had moved the mugs to the left of the coffee pot, proving I am a creature of habit.  Changing my name to Pavlov-ia.

Hearing the dog scratching on the back door I ran back with my steaming cup of coffee to let him in. 
Hunt for the remote, stuffed in the third couch cushion, I flip on CNN.  I flop into a chair and sit on a cold plastic lap top computer, spilling coffee on blue leopard print nighty and the dog.  

Today is better........... 
We had a cooking lesson for Chicken Paprikash and Abby learned to make dumplings.  A bit heavy on the sour cream but it was delicious!  

She ate a bowl, loved it and ran out the door to Starbuck's.  I see a pattern developing here!  I blindly reached down to turn the kettle on for tea water and the stove knob was covered with sour cream...... 
The Abinator has struck again!   

I'm adjusting ..........
Tomorrow we bake bread...... Nisua (finnish cardamon bread)  I think I will wait to mop the floor.

did you say Nisua? 

Tonight I am watching the Grinch and weaving......... it's good to have her home. 

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  1. Know how you feel-kids home,aaargh!!

    Love the mug rack.